Are CBDfx Vape Products Safe? Everything You Need to Know September


Everyone wants to know one thing these days: Are CBD vape products safe? If you’ve ever had a question about vaping CBD, we answer it in this exhaustive CBDfx guide.

Recently, a lot of publicity has been given to a string of seemingly mysterious vaping-related illnesses, and the world wants to know why it’s happening. Yet, it’s hard to get a straight answer from the news media, as they are lumping many different issues under the umbrella of “vaping” in general. Vaping has been a hot-button issue in society over the last decade, and while this alternative to smoking is generally considered to be safe, there are some serious worries about certain substances that have recently been found inside “bootleg” or black market vape products. Before we continue, we must stress that these harmful ingredients are not found in any CBDfx products whatsoever (or any other reputable brand’s products, for that matter). 

Let’s start from the beginning. Vaporization is the usage of heat to render aqueous or oily substances into a gas or vapor form. You can vaporize a variety of different types of liquid, and CBD-rich hemp oil can even be vaporized without mixing it with any other substances, under the right circumstances. This unique method of vaporizing CBD oil is called dabbing, and you can dab with either miniature dab pens or tabletop dab rigs.

It’s easier and more common to vaporize substances when they are in liquid form, however, and raw CBD oil is highly viscous. Therefore, this cannabinoid-rich hemp product is usually mixed with vape oil “bases” like propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). These two substances are inert, but they mix well with viscous oils.

Both VG and PG are generally considered to be safe, but since vaping is still a relatively recent activity, more years need to elapse to conclusively determine their benefits and risks. No other vape bases besides VG and PG, however, have been recognized as safe. Some CBD companies suspend their CBD oil vape products in MCT oil because this substance is “natural”. Vaping MCT oil, however, could cause lipoid pneumonia, which is a condition that occurs when un-vaporized oils stick to the walls of your lungs. If you’re going to vape, it’s best to stay away from fats like those in MCT, and stick with VG and PG.

The Recent Vaping Injuries in 2019

The recent spat of vaping injuries, however, doesn’t appear to have anything to do with VG, PG, or even MCT oil. These cases don’t seem to be instances of lipoid pneumonia, which most physicians look for first with a vaping-related illness. Instead, the symptoms originally seemed idiopathic (of unknown cause/origin), but over the last few weeks, new data has shed light on the cause of these serious injuries that have harmed dozens of innocent people nationwide.

It seems that the culprit is vitamin E acetate, a tocopherol derivative that is commonly used in supplements — but should never be used in vaping. The Washington Post first broke the story that this seemingly harmless substance was finding its way into illicit marijuana vape products as an emulsifier or thickener, and this publication quickly followed up with an update to the ensuing counterfeit vape crackdown.

Legitimate recreational and medical marijuana companies are now testing their products to prove they don’t contain vitamin E acetate, but the question remains how this ingredient ended up in CBD vape products in the first place. As we answer the following questions, we’ll get to the bottom of the recent vape injuries and explain why you can always trust the quality and dedication that goes into every single CBDfx vape product.

1. Where do I learn how to vape CBD oil?

Let’s cover the basics first in case you’re new to vaping. Whether you want to find out how to use your CBD vape pen or you’re looking for instructions for your new CBDfx CBD Vape Kit, you’ve come to the right place. Instructions for all our CBD vape products are available online, and keep in mind that instructions are also included with the products themselves. At the same time, our vape rigs are so easy to use that instructions are practically unnecessary.

Your CBDfx CBD pen activates upon inhalation, and there are no batteries to charge or cartridges to fill. Simply hit your pen until it no longer produces any vapor, and then move onto the next delicious CBDfx CBD vape juice flavor.

Both our Original CBDfx CBD Vape Kit and our new CBDfx Mini Vape Kit come with detailed instructions. These vape products are activated by simple buttons on their sides, and they feature either magnetic or snap-on cartridges that are each easy to fill with your favorite CBDfx vape juice flavor.

2. How much CBD should I vape?

Whether you love CBD pens or you prefer CBD juice, there are no official recommendations when it comes to how much of this cannabinoid you should use. CBD vape pens come in all sorts of different concentrations and styles, so it’s up to you to find the usage of CBD that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

The first time you use your CBD vape pen or another CBD oil vape rig, try taking a few small puffs of your CBD vape oil to start. Cannabidiol affects everyone differently, and taking it slow is always a good idea when you’re trying new things. Speaking of trying new things, consult with your doctor before you start using CBD or any other new substance. After you have some experience using CBDfx vape products, feel free to increase the amount of cannabidiol you use at a time.

3. What is CBD vape oil?

That depends on who you’re talking to. Technically, any substance that you can vaporize that contains CBD is “CBD vape oil,” but there are an incredible number of different CBD juice options and CBD vape pens on the market.

Essentially, CBD vape oil is an oil-based substance containing cannabidiol that is compatible with contemporary mobile vaporization devices. The type of cannabidiol that this vape-compatible liquid substance contains may be molecularly-isolated CBD powder (CBD isolate), full-spectrum CBD oil (CBD with all the other cannabinoids and terpenes intact), or broad-spectrum CBD (full-spectrum CBD without the THC).

This cannabidiol-rich extract is then usually mixed with a blend of PG and VG. Ratios of PG to VG vary, but most brands stick with either a 50/50 or 40/60 blend. As mentioned, some brands may include other ingredients as well, but all the available evidence supports the theory that unnecessary vape additives are the cause behind the recent vape illness epidemic.

It’s a simple fact that there’s no reason to add anything to CBD aside from VG or PG to make it vape-able. From there, all you need to complete the equation is flavoring. Some brands are content to use artificial flavoring, which is also commonly used in candy and sugary snacks. This type of flavoring can be harmful, however, which is why we only use natural flavors here at CBDfx. Most of our vape juice flavorings are extracted from fruits and vegetables, and all of them are 100%-natural.

4. How does CBD vape make you feel?

That’s a subjective question⁠—You’ll need to try vaping CBD to find out! At the same time, however, it’s possible to point out some basic facts of pulmonary administration to help you understand the vaping process.

“Pulmonary administration” is a fancy technical term for inhalation. Substances that you inhale are processed by the alveoli in your lungs, which are tiny cells that transport oxygen to your bloodstream. If they’re in vapor form, certain substances can also pass through the alveoli into the bloodstream.

Once inside the bloodstream, substances that have been introduced into the body via pulmonary administration move throughout the organs and tissues. This entire process takes place in instants, and in most cases, the effects of inhaling a substance are almost immediate. We’ll need to wait until the FDA makes a call on vaping CBD before we comment on any of the potential beneficial effects of this cannabidiol administration method.

5. What wattage to vape CBD e-liquid?

When it comes to the amount of power you need to vaporize CBD, it all comes down to a matter of wattage. While it’s the temperature that matters most to make sure you don’t scorch your CBD vape juice, the temperature at which your vape rig operates is dependent on the wattage of your atomizer.

Expert estimates vary when it comes to the ideal wattage for vaping CBD. Technically, anything above 10w would work, and some veteran vapers recommend running your rig at 40w or higher. Just remember that the CBD vape kits we offer here at are so simple that you won’t have to worry about these variables. Wattage generally only becomes important when you’re using a complicated vape mod with lots of customizable settings.

6. What is CBD vape additive?

CBD vape juice is the most popular CBD vape product on the market, but there’s another option you should be aware of if you’re vaping CBD for the first time. With CBD vape additive, you can add CBD to any vape product that you’re currently using.

Whether you like to vape as an alternative to cigarettes or you just like the taste of nicotine-free vape juice, it’s natural to want to try adding CBD into the mix. Plus, if you add CBD vape additive to a CBDfx vape juice option that already contains plenty of cannabidiol, you gain access to even more of this amazing substance every time you inhale a puff.

7. How do I find out where to buy CBD vape oil near me?

In this day and age, doing your CBD shopping online is the best option available. Online shopping wasn’t always as reliable as it is these days, but in the age of e-commerce, getting items delivered straight to your door is much more convenient than running all around town trying to get your hands on a product that you probably found online in the first place.

Here at, we operate the most comprehensive CBD marketplace the world has ever seen. CBDfx is universally renowned as one of the most high-quality, reliable, and ethical CBD companies on the market, and our online superstore is, by far, the best place to get your hands on the greatest product selection and the most unbelievable CBDfx deals.

With free shipping options and attentive customer service, you’ll never be left in the lurch when you shop at We offer more CBD vape products than anyone else, and unlike the competition, our vape products only contain natural flavors, and they ditch the dangerous additives by sticking to pure PG and VG as vape bases.

Before our new products show up in stores, you’ll be able to find them at Plus, you’ll need to head over to our site anyway if you want to check out our batch-specific third-party lab testing results, so you might as well make things easy and save some money by doing your CBDfx shopping on our official website.

8. Which vapes are dangerous?

Any vape product could be dangerous if used incorrectly. Vape products with nicotine or THC don’t belong in the hands of minors, and CBD vape products should also be handled with care. If you try a vape product without being fully educated on how to use it, you could injure yourself or others. Always read the instructions, and if something seems off, don’t take a puff.

Something should always seem off when you buy a vape cartridge out of someone’s trunk or off the streets. While many states in the nation are making considerable headway toward the normalization of the cannabis industry, in many places in the United States, cannabis is still the exclusive territory of the black market.

Criminals and those who home-brew their own vape oils don’t care about your health or well-being⁠—they’re only in it for a quick buck. They’ll put anything and everything they have to into your vape products, and they won’t bat an eye when you pay an exorbitant price to buy a product that they know might harm you. Here at CBDfx, our conscience wouldn’t allow us to offer you anything but the highest quality in the vape products we make and everything else we do.

9. Can second-hand vape harm you?

Whether you like to stick to a single CBD pen or you have multiple CBD pens throughout the house, you shouldn’t be overly concerned about the potential effects of second-hand vaping. The main concern with secondhand smoke is that it contains plant matter, tar, and other carcinogens that exit your lungs when you smoke and enter the air around you. Since vape juice doesn’t contain any of these substances, most scientific assessments conclude that vaping does not cause significant contamination with airborne toxins.

At the same time, however, remember that cannabidiol is a substance so potent that it was approved as a prescription drug in the form of Epidiolex. Much of the cannabidiol vapor that you inhale is absorbed into the lining of your lungs, but some of it escapes when you exhale, so keep in mind that you might be introducing vaporized cannabidiol molecules into the air that people around you are breathing.

If there is someone around you who shouldn’t have cannabidiol due to medical concerns or who you feel shouldn’t ingest CBD for other reasons, you might want to vape elsewhere. At the same time, however, the concentration of any CBD inhaled secondhand would be so incredibly low that it shouldn’t have any effects whatsoever.

At this time, there is no reason to worry about CBD vapor releasing the same carcinogens into the air that tobacco smoke does since, according to a 2014 study into nicotine e-cigarettes, using “an e-cigarette in indoor environments may involuntarily expose nonusers to nicotine but not to toxic tobacco-specific combustion products.” While the active ingredient is different, this study confirms that vaping, in general, doesn’t introduce “toxic combustion products” into the air.

10. Can vaping CBD hurt you?

While scientific studies unanimously conclude that cannabidiol has a remarkably limited side effect profile, this cannabinoid has a few known drug contraindications, and rare instances of hemp allergy have been noted in anecdotal evidence. Always consult with your doctor before you use cannabidiol, and remember that the FDA is still in the process of reviewing the evidence regarding cannabidiol’s safety as it makes this cannabinoid’s final determination.

It’s also important to keep in mind that different CBD manufacturers use different safeguards to ensure the safety and quality of their products. Here at CBDfx, we use the highest standards in the industry as we select suppliers, and we extract our own CBD from organically-grown, American hemp. There’s no guarantee that other manufacturers will take these same safeguards, however, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Once you’ve extracted your CBD, you still need to formulate it into consumer products. CBD-rich hemp oil is highly viscous in its natural state, which means it has to be mixed with lighter oils to be used in common consumer applications. The ingredients that are chosen at this stage are critical; if, as we do, you stick with pure PG and VG and don’t add any fillers or thickeners, you’re good to go. If you take shortcuts in the product development process, however, you might end up making a toxic product.

Since the FDA currently has only just recently realized the urgency of the regulatory crisis facing the vaping industry, you can’t count on regulations alone to keep bad vape products off the market. You have to use your own discretion, learn more about the vaping industry, and eventually pick a winner like CBDfx that goes the extra mile to ensure quality and safety in everything it does.

11. How does vaping CBD make you feel?

Generally, the sensation of inhaling CBD vapor into your lungs is not unpleasant. Unlike smoke, vapor is relatively mild. If you aren’t used to inhaling substances other than air, however, the vaping experience may take some getting used to. Here at CBDfx, we try to make things as smooth as possible by pairing our cannabidiol vape products with natural flavors, but always take things easy when you’re vaping for the first time.

Are CBDfx Vape Products Safe? Everything You Need to Know

12. Is CBD e-liquid safe?

That depends on how the CBD e-liquid was made. VG and PG as a vape oil base are generally accepted as safe, and most authorities believe that cannabidiol itself does not have any major side effects. However, you’ll need to look into the practices that the company follows and the ingredients that the vape company is using before you proceed. While it’s a pain to do that much homework, taking your time to find the right CBD e-liquid brand might save you some health problems later.

13. Can you damage your lungs by vaping?

You can damage your lungs simply by breathing the air outside; what matters is what substances you bring into your lungs. Vaping is neither inherently dangerous or inherently safe. It all depends on who makes your vape products, which ingredients they use, and how much they care about your health and well-being.

As a general rule, CBD companies are more focused on the health market while marijuana, tobacco, and liquor are being grouped together as semi-legal drugs. Therefore, people who make CBD vape products are more focused on your health than tobacco or illicit marijuana vape producers, which means they look out for your safety better.

If you stick to the basics when you make your CBD vape oil, there’s not much you can do wrong. Vaping pure CBD-rich hemp oil could give you lipoid pneumonia, but as long as your CBD is suspended in vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, you’re good to go. While there’s no definitive word on the safety of PG and VG, they’re the only ingredients that are generally considered to be safe for use in e-juice bases.

14. What is bad about vaping?

Nothing is inherently bad about vaping, and nothing is inherently good about vaping. Again, it all comes down to the practices that were used to make the vape product and the practices you use when you are vaping. There’s a huge difference between a high quality, reputable bottle of CBD vape juice from CBDfx, compared to a counterfeit marijuana oil cartridge you bought in an alley somewhere.

If you know what you’re doing when you vape and you’ve done your research to find the safest vape brands on the market, then all that’s left is to make sure that you select legal products. We aren’t laying down a moral edict⁠—it’s up to you how you live your personal life. It’s simply an indisputable fact that the black market gives rise to decreased product quality and increased predatory behavior directed at consumers. You’re safer when you do business in the full light of day, and here at, we give you the opportunity to enjoy vaping CBD in the most mainstream and accepted way possible.

As you get started with vaping CBD oil, make sure that you keep proper safety considerations in mind. Remember that it’s never a good idea to allow your battery to get too hot, and always remember to check the ingredients in a CBD vape oil product before you try it.

15. Which is worse – Vaping or smoking?

That’s a good question. Vaping is inherently better than smoking since it doesn’t introduce plant matter or other combustion products into your lungs. In fact, some medical authorities such as Public Health England believe that vaping is about 95% safer than smoking!

Recently, an LA Times article went viral amid the vaping illness scare. It focused on how some vape users are turning to cigarettes for relief from their nicotine addictions. If your initial reaction is that such a scenario is the exact opposite of what vaping proponents have been preaching for years, you’re absolutely right. However, there’s always more to the story.

It’s not that vaping itself got these people addicted to nicotine. Rather, it’s the fact that you can put a pretty much unlimited amount of nicotine into vape juice that is causing nicotine addiction to rise. As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that there are no nicotine products available on

If you want to use vaping to stop smoking, you need to start with a relatively low nicotine concentration and go down from there. The vape users in this article, however, had been using high concentrations of nicotine, which makes this drug even more addictive than cigarettes. Therefore, turning to cigarettes has become a necessity for these individuals that the vaping industry failed.

Except in the case of extreme nicotine addiction, vaping nicotine products appears to be safer than smoking cigarettes, but none of that is highly relevant to our industry. Unlike nicotine, CBD doesn’t appear to have any significant side effects, and CBD vape juice doesn’t introduce any combustion products into your lungs.

16. What does vaping do to your throat?

Generally speaking, vaping shouldn’t have any adverse effects on your throat. Whenever you inhale a substance into your lungs that isn’t pure, alpine air, you aren’t getting the best of the best, but few of the health hazards associated with smoking have also been linked to vaping.

Since vaporizing a substance doesn’t involve the inhalation of any plant matter, most of the carcinogenic effects commonly associated with smoking do not appear to occur in the case of vaping, which makes sense when you look at it from a molecular viewpoint. Smoke contains tons of free radicals and other substances that disrupt your cells and cause gene mutations. Vapor, on the other hand, simply consists of vaporized oils and other liquids, which means that it doesn’t contain a significant concentration of cancer-causing free radicals.

Excessive vaping could, of course, temporarily harm your throat, as could vaping substances at the wrong temperatures. Always follow instructions, and make sure that you feel right about the vaping devices and e-juices you’re using before you proceed.

17. What is the difference between vaping and Juuling?

There’s a lot of lingo and slang in the vaping world, and it can be hard to sort it all out when you’re hearing it secondhand. If you’re concerned that your kids might be involving themselves in practices that could cause them to come to harm, it’s important to become aware of all the vaping slang that’s out there these days and how your kids might be using it to use products in unsafe or illegal ways.

Juul is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of e-cigarette products. Juul cartridges almost single-handedly created the “vape pod” type of vape rig, and most vape manufacturers have been forced to make their devices compatible with Juul-shaped pods to avoid going out of business.

Essentially, “Juuling” is synonymous with “vaping.” While all Juuling is vaping, however, not all vaping is Juuling. There are tons of other ways to inhale vaporized active ingredients other than Juul cartridges, and you don’t even need to use e-juice to vape. You can also vape dried hemp flower that contains high levels of CBD.

18. Can you vape too much?

It’s certainly possible to vape more than is good for you. Everything in moderation, as they say, and you should know your own limits when it comes to vaping. Whether it’s nicotine or CBD, every active ingredient should be enjoyed in a certain amount, and while that amount differs for everyone, creating and maintaining a balanced relationship with potent substances is always a good idea.

With CBDfx vape juice, however, it’s hard to believe that you could ever get enough. Not only do we use the best-sourced and highest-quality ingredients in the industry, but we also only use natural flavors and skip all the additives to make the vaping experience we provide as clean as possible. We have so many flavors and different kinds of CBD vape juice to choose from that you have enough options to keep you busy for years.

Once you’ve tried every flavor in our Original CBD Vape Juice line, remember that we also have our CBD Terpenes Vape Juice line, which features special CBD vape blends that are each designed to emulate a different classic cannabis strain. From there, we also have our ANML Alchemy team-up flavors, our CBD additives, and of course, our incredible CBD vaping hardware and disposable CBD vape pens.

While we don’t recommend that you vape to excess, we encourage you to go all-out as you sample all the options that we offer. Remember that we even provide special bundles and other ways to save when you choose to purchase multiple CBD vaping products at a time here at

19. Is vaping better for you than smoking?

Like the CBD industry, the vaping industry is relatively new. People are ecstatic to have an easily accessible pulmonary administration technology that can so effectively deliver CBD, nicotine, and other substances without any plant matter; but more research must be done to fully determine the relative safety of vaping as compared to smoking. That said, don’t forget that Public Health England is on record saying that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, assuming you’re getting your vaping ingredients from a reputable source.

Recently, the FDA has made moves indicating that it plans to regulate the vaping industry earlier than its 2022 deferral deadline, which means we might see rapid clarifications in the CBD vape industry sooner than anyone expected.

No matter what happens, CBDfx will continue to display its steadfast commitment to full compliance with every relevant federal law, statute, and rule that pertains to either the CBD or the vaping industries. Customer safety is our top priority here at CBDfx, and we know that the only way that CBD will be truly accepted is if the industry moves through the proper channels.

Here at CBDfx, we’re doing our part by following proper product development protocols and providing top-tier customer education, and we’ll always continue to advocate for the safe and responsible use of CBD vaping products. The saga of the vape industry is long from over, and the legacy of cannabinoids is just beginning.


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