Cansativa and DaVinci announce partnership for improvement & production of health-related cannabis vaporizers


FRANKFURT AM Principal, Germany, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cansativa GmbH expands its portfolio with its Cansativa Health-related Devices enterprise. Health-related devices entrepreneur Dr. Markus Haller becomes managing director. In cooperation with DaVinci, Cansativa Health-related Devices launches its personal cannabis vaporizer created exclusively for health-related purposes.

Cansativa’s mission is to professionalize the health-related cannabis market and to play a pioneering part in this industry. A group of overall health technologies specialists at Cansativa Health-related Devices is presently establishing primarily based on DaVinci’s state-of-the-art evaporator technologies and its personal intellectual house new certified health-related devices. Benedikt Sons, Co-Founder of Cansativa, underlines:

“This partnership brings us a massive step closer to the realization of our vision of secure access to health-related cannabis for a bigger group of individuals. With the improvement of a state-of-the-art health-related vaporizer, the young market will come to be even additional specialist.”

Evaporation is especially match for health-related purposes, as no toxic combustion substances are created. The active components tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) can therefore be effectively and safely administered. As overall health insurance coverage organizations cover the charges of the health-related vaporizers, a quick and straightforward distribution amongst individuals is probable.

In contrast to other health-related cannabis wholesalers, Cansativa requires a new strategy: By means of vertical integration, the enterprise requires on important responsibilities along the complete worth chain. With its new item lines, the enterprise regularly expands its enterprise model and demonstrates as soon as once again its operational excellence. Cansativa’s founders are delighted to announce Dr. Markus Haller taking more than the management of Cansativa Health-related Devices. Dr. Markus Haller emphasizes:

“Thanks to this partnership, we have secured access to vaporizers as health-related devices for individuals worldwide. As an owner-managed enterprise, we aim to have a lengthy-term influence. We bolster our commitment to producing the Cansativa Group a sustainable and powerful enterprise.”


Cansativa GmbH
Cansativa delivers independent industry access and substantial warehousing and distribution capacities. Founded in 2017, Cansativa is a GDP-certified pharmaceutical wholesaler licensed for trade in controlled substances and headquartered in Frankfurt am Principal, Germany. Cansativa is committed to the objective of professionalizing the health-related cannabis industry, eliminating stigmatization surrounding it, and lowering rates for individuals. Because the pretty starting, Cansativa has operated its personal distribution and fulfillment center, and as a single of the “first movers” in the market, it has come to be a single of the biggest importers and distributors of health-related cannabis in Germany. From its place in Frankfurt am Principal, the enterprise supplies pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers all through Germany. With the ongoing expansion of a second GMP/GDP web site in the Rhine-Principal region Cansativa creates even additional import, distribution and warehousing capacities. Cansativa’s founding group and newest addition, Cansativa Health-related Devices, continues to expand, primarily based on two generations of experience in the fields of medicine, law, and technique, as nicely as engineering and health-related devices technologies

DaVinci Vaporizer
DaVinci Vaporizer is an American manufacturer of sophisticated vaporizer goods and accessories primarily based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The enterprise was founded in 2011 by today’s CEO Cortney Smith. DaVinci has set itself the mission to create a vaporization encounter that delivers unprecedented levels of purity and precision. With a concentrate on superior craftmanship, the use of finest elements or the improvement of exceptional computer software, a exceptional encounter really should be made.

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