How to Spot Fake Kingpen Weed Vape Cartridges


Genuine Kingpen carts have won many awards at cannabis competitions, creating them a well-known target for bootleggers. So how do you distinguish a counterfeit Kingpen vape from a true a single?

For lots of cannabis customers, the comfort and simplicity of applying a vape pen to medicate or catch a buzz can not be beat. Top rated-top quality cannabis oils present a potent and flavorful expertise, and vapes have come to be the preferred system of ingestion for lots of shoppers.

The reputation of cannabis vape cartridges, nonetheless, also presents an chance for unlicensed and unscrupulous organizations to take benefit of shoppers by cutting corners and offering inferior merchandise. Some of these illicit operators also steal the intellectual home of established licensed cannabis brands and piggyback off their achievement with counterfeit and bootleg merchandise sold on the black industry.

Above, a counterfeit version of a Kingpen vape cartridge

What’s the Danger?

Applying these phony merchandise can be risky. Unlicensed operators do not have their raw supplies and completed merchandise lab tested for security, which is a requirement for all reputable operators in the cannabis space. Untested merchandise can be tainted with a host of unsafe contaminants which includes heavy metals, bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms and the toxins they generate.

Counterfeit and unlicensed makers will also generally dilute the cannabis oils they use with thickeners or other cutting agents in order to stretch out their supplies and maximize income. But the security of these additives is not identified. In the continuing nationwide rash of lung injuries that have been linked to vaping, taking at least eight lives so far, well being officials are narrowing in on the additive vitamin E acetate as a possible trigger of the illnesses. Though the item is broadly viewed as protected when utilised topically or as a supplement, vitamin E acetate may perhaps pose well being dangers when vaporized and inhaled. But well being professionals, which includes the CDC, are but to confirm that vitamin E acetate is even the trigger of this illness. 

1 brand that has noticed extra than its fair share of counterfeit carts created to appear like its merchandise is Kingpen, manufactured by Loudpack, Inc., a licensed cannabis firm in California. Genuine Kingpen carts have won many awards at cannabis competitions, creating them a well-known target for fakes. The organization is upfront and transparent about the concern, acknowledging on its site that “since launching in 2014, Kingpen has been navigating a worldwide counterfeiting concern.”

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Thwarting Counterfeiters

To support their consumers guarantee that they had been buying reputable Kingpen carts, Loudpack started printing its king’s head logo on the cartridge itself. But this only temporarily kept the organization a step ahead of the counterfeiters, who quickly started applying cartridges with the printed logo, as effectively. According to a September report in the Los Angeles Occasions, Kingpen is “investing millions of dollars to redesign its packaging and item safety,” and has currently sued Chinese businesses that manufacture counterfeit packaging. 

But till the concern is handled, what’s a cautious cannabis customer to do? Is there a way to spot fake Kingpen cartridges? Fortunately, the answer is yes.


How to Spot Bootleg Kingpens

To support shoppers guarantee that they are buying reputable Kingpen carts, the organization has rolled out an on the internet verification method for its merchandise. Kingpen vape cartridges are now sold in packaging that involves new components that support guarantee shoppers that they are getting the true point, along with a QR code that hyperlinks to the company’s KPValid verification web page on the internet.

The initially new safety function now getting integrated on Kingpen carts packaging is a six-digit alphanumeric serial quantity that is concealed beneath a scratch-off panel. Soon after scanning the QR code with a cellphone or navigating to and scratching off the panel to reveal the six digits, the serial quantity is entered into the suitable box. Each and every serial quantity is only utilised as soon as, enabling the organization to confirm that the cart is reputable via its database.

The new packaging for Kingpen carts has yet another safety function to support avoid counterfeiting that can be checked with no scratching the panel to reveal the serial quantity, which can support shoppers recognize fakes in the dispensary just before acquire. A holographic label on the cartridge box has hidden text and photos that are revealed when the package is rotated. When the box is rotated a quarter-turn to the left, the word “GENUINE” can be study. When the box is turned a quarter-turn to the ideal, the word “KINGPEN” is revealed. Ultimately, when the box is rotated a half-turn and viewed upside down, the king’s head logo on the label vanishes.


Above, a true Kingpen vape cartridge

Additional Information on Kingpen Carts

Aside from the new verification attributes, many other things need to be viewed as to prevent buying fake Kingpen carts. 1st and foremost, it need to be remembered that Loudpack is a licensed California organization, and is only authorized to sell its merchandise by means of state-licensed distributors and dispensaries. Any Kingpen carts that are bought on the street or outdoors of California are in all probability counterfeits of unknown provenance. The organization gives a list of authorized Kingpen carts retailers on its site.

At least a single victim of the ‘vape lung’ illnesses has told authorities that they had obtained THC oil cartridges from a supply who mentioned it had come from a licensed California dispensary. On the other hand, the acquire limits enforced at dispensaries and the higher taxes assessed on retail cannabis make bulk purchases for resale in yet another industry a pricey and unlikely proposition. Such claims need to be regarded with skepticism. Once again, shoppers need to only obtain licensed cannabis merchandise from licensed dispensaries — otherwise you have no way to guarantee what you are getting is legit. 

When it comes to buying Kingpen carts — or any cannabis vape cartridge — consumers need to recall that, in the end, their security is in their hands, and they need to take methods to guarantee that they are getting reputable merchandise from a licensed and trustworthy brand.

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