Leveraging CBD Customer Purchaser Personas for Company Development


Shoppers want CBD brands they can trust as nicely as economical and accessible merchandise. With one particular in seven Americans (14%) personally working with hemp-derived CBD merchandise, businesses that want to create sturdy CBD brands and win marketplace share need to have to get a far better understanding of who these clients are and what they want.

Who Are Today’s CBD Shoppers?

The initially step to creating a highly effective CBD brand and growing sales is to get a complete understanding of each existing customers and potential customers. Let’s take a closer appear at existing CBD customers in this report primarily based on study that Higher Yield Insights reported in its CBD Customer Expertise study.

Utilizing a two-step cluster evaluation, the researchers identified 5 particular varieties of CBD customers. Some of the qualities of every of the 5 purchaser personas consist of:

  • Senior Susan: 14% of customers, mostly white, not college educated and reduced revenue with no young children at dwelling. All are age 55 or older.
  • Entrepreneur Ed: 12% of customers, mostly age 21-34 and single with a modest revenue. All are African American.
  • Millennial Marc: 26% of customers, mostly age 21-34, white and with a modest revenue. All are single.
  • Goop-y Gwyn: 31% of customers, mostly age 21-34, white and married with young children at dwelling. 94% are female.
  • Dosing Dad: 18% of customers, mostly age 35-44, employed complete time, white and married with young children at dwelling. 91% are male.

These purchaser personas deliver a wonderful location for CBD brands to start out simply because they show that CBD customers are pretty diverse. Nevertheless, each and every brand should really conduct its personal purchaser persona study and create its personal exclusive purchaser personas simply because there can be considerable variations involving distinct companies’ clients.

Creating CBD Customer Purchaser Personas

The important to building CBD customer purchaser personas is to concentrate their study on 13 particular places:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Behaviors
  • Discomfort points
  • Difficulties
  • Differentiators
  • Info sources
  • Engagement
  • Attitudes and issues
  • Outcomes
  • Functions
  • Added benefits
  • Selection-generating

You can study extra about all 13 places to build purchaser personas right here. You will need to have to invest time and collect as a great deal facts as you can in order to fill out every of the 13 places to the extent doable.

After you have completed your study, you need to have to analyze the facts and recognize similarities involving customers. What motivations or challenges do they have in popular? Do groups of individuals share the exact same likes, dislikes, or issues?

Every single group of individuals with comparable qualities could be categorized as a exclusive purchaser persona – just like Higher Yield Insights’ researchers did with the CBD purchaser personas created from their study.

Leveraging CBD Purchaser Personas for Company Development

With your purchaser personas identified, you can create marketing and advertising messages, promotions, and merchandise that are most most likely to appeal to every group of customers.

For instance, according to the Higher Yield Insights study, customers with distinct purchaser personas are working with CBD merchandise in location of distinct merchandise:

  • Senior Susan: Most frequently replacing more than the counter discomfort relievers and creams for muscle and joint relief.
  • Entrepreneur Ed: Most frequently replacing prescribed discomfort relievers and prescribed anti-anxiousness drugs.
  • Millennial Marc: Most frequently replacing prescribed discomfort relievers and prescribed sleep aids.
  • Goop-y Gwyn: Most frequently replacing prescribed discomfort relievers and creams for muscle and joint discomfort relief.
  • Dosing Dad: Most frequently replacing prescribed sleep aids and more than the counter discomfort relievers.

Consider about how that purchaser persona facts can be leveraged to improve sales. Think about a marketing and advertising campaign that promotes working with a CBD company’s merchandise to aid with sleep. Targeting the Dosing Dad and Millennial Marc purchaser personas with this messaging would be far extra successful and provide a greater return on investment (ROI) than working with the exact same message for all customers or for other purchaser personas.

This is just one particular instance of how purchaser persona study can lead to enterprise development by generating marketing and advertising and sales efforts far extra successful and boosting ROI, but with some inventive, strategic considering, the possibilities are quite a few and the final results can be considerable.

Essential Takeaways for CBD Brands

Purchaser personas are a highly effective tool in each and every marketing and advertising toolbox, but they have to be created thoughtfully to be valuable. They also need to have to be updated often as the marketplace and customer preferences transform – a thing that is taking place on what appears like a day-to-day basis in the hemp-derived CBD marketplace.

With that mentioned, do your study, create your purchaser personas, and start out leveraging them to strengthen your marketing and advertising and sales final results. Today’s CBD brands need to have each and every benefit they can get in the oversaturated marketplace, and working with purchaser personas to far better communicate with clients and create the varieties of merchandise they genuinely want and need to have could play an critical part in assisting brands survive and thrive in this market.


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