Reclassify marijuana? FDA looking for comments on cannabis


Grower Som Kiani reaches for a cannabis seedling in develop space of BCC Collective health-related marijuana dispensary. (Sarah Beth Guevara / Gaylord News)

The U.S. Meals and Drug Administration is looking for input from the public about cannabis.

But do not get your hopes up just however, marijuana fans. The FDA is not asking due to the fact a probable dramatic shift in domestic weed policy is afoot. It is asking due to the fact the Planet Wellness Organization is toying with the notion of rescheduling cannabis on its personal.

What rescheduling would imply

At the moment, marijuana sits alongside heroin as a Schedule I substance beneath federal law. Reclassifying it, or legalizing it on the federal level, would permit these in numerous states’ health-related or recreational industries to use banking solutions, permit for expanded analysis and produce jobs, proponents say. It would also permit anybody more than a particular age to possess and use marijuana.

So far, much more than three,000 folks have chimed in to present their opinions in the course of the public comment period.

These who want to add their thoughts for federal assessment can comment right here prior to the Sept. 30 deadline.

Overwhelming majority want pot reclassified

People like Todd King hope marijuana is reclassified by the federal government. That echoes practically all of these who have commented so far.

“Since the health-related legalization in my state, Cannabis, has been quite valuable to me and many members of my family members,” King wrote. “For me cannabis has offered relief from two anxiety associated and debilitating situations I’ve dealt with on a normal basis for lots of years.”

Josh Bennett, an additional commenter, sees it from a company angle.

Marijuana ought to be decriminalized and marijuana enterprises ought to be in a position to access banking solutions,” he wrote. “I really feel that alcohol is far much more harmful than marijuana is and that permitting the sale and distribution of it would not have an adverse impact on the nation. In reality, I believe the jobs and taxes produced from the development and manufacture of associated solutions would support our nation, not hurt it.”

Americans broadly favor cannabis legalization

Scrolling by means of the comments, it is challenging to come across lots of any opposed to rescheduling marijuana. That shouldn’t be a surprise. According to a CBS News poll earlier this year, 65 % of Americans favor legalizing marijuana.

And even the individual who sort of sort of does not want it, is okay with it as extended as there are loads of restrictions. Comments are permitted to be anonymous, such as this a single:

You should not permit legalization unless the following restrictions are met: You have an sufficient way of testing folks straight away and use that test to make sure anybody with ANY THC in their method who is operating a motor automobile is provided jail time and a huge fine for obtaining full disregard for the lives of other people on the road. It should be illegal to smoke/consume in public, which includes all public establishments as properly as ANY outdoors space that is not a privately-owned region. It ought to also be restricted from housing complexes like apartments to safeguard the rights of folks who reside in such areas that do not want it about.

Other people had a easier message.

“I am a 62 year old grandma with a spotless record,” Marilyn Pierce wrote. “I do not drink or smoke cigarettes. Cannabis relieves my discomfort, depression, anxiousness and glaucoma. I demand my freedom and pursuit of happiness. I adore this God provided, all-natural herb. Take it off the Schedule 1 list. Cannabis is safer than water, aspirin or peanuts.”


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