You Ought to Know This About The Marijuana Industry’s Protected Banking Bill


The word on the street is that Congress is set to take a historic vote on a cannabis banking bill in the coming days. At least that is the gossip that has been popping up in my inbox given that yesterday afternoon. I wanted to ignore it, I truly did, as I am presently preparing to close down shop for the rest of the week for a trip to Los Angeles for a tiny function, an inevitable birthday celebration and a concert at the Whiskey with Robby Krieger of The Doors. So, yeah, I am attempting to get out of dodge. But just before I can energy down this machine and enter into the mindset it will take to absorb various days of horror and entertaining on the Hollywood streets, I felt the require to chime in briefly on all of this cannabis banking small business, just to balance out the optimism of the cannabis market. Your bill will get a vote, but possibilities of it going the distance this year are slim.

The U.S. Home of Representatives is set to decide Yay or Nayon a bill (Protected Banking Act) that would let monetary institutions to lastly do small business with the cannabis trade. Home Majority Leader Steny Hoyer confirmed the vote would come about earlier this month in an interview with CNN. [Read More @]


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