Do Humans (and Bees) Get Higher From Marijuana Honey?


Dear Stoner: Can bees pollinate marijuana? Would it get them higher if they did?
Weed Keeper

Dear Weed Keeper: According to the beesearch we’ve study, insects do not have endocannabinoid systems — the receptors we have in our bodies that react to CBD, THC and other cannabinoids from the plant. Without having these receptors, bees do not get stoned from pollinating weed (sadly for them, since bees could certain use a tiny anxiety relief correct now), but that does not cease them from performing it.

Like orange blossom, clove and other flowers that beekeepers use for persuading bees to make honey, the cannabis plant can also be a major supply of nectar or pollen for bees, even though additional beesearch shows that they view the plant as extra of a final resort. Nevertheless, there are businesses popping up with hemp and marijuana honey, claiming to be produced from bee nectar collected off cannabis plants. When these CBD– and THC-infused honeys generally have cannabinoids added to the honey ahead of they’re packaged and sold to shoppers, legit beekeepers say the straight-from-the-hive stuff is nevertheless pretty a great deal infused. You can locate THC honey in Colorado dispensaries and CBD honey in overall health meals retailers.

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