Jacksonville City Council rejects proposal to decriminalize pot possession


The Jacksonville City Council on Tuesday stated no to a watered-down cannabis decriminalization bill.

The legislation would have permitted officer discretion in cannabis possession arrests involving below 20 grams.

The measure failed on a three-15 vote.

Bill sponsor Garrett Dennis has had true difficulty in a City Hall dominated by Mayor Lenny Curry and proposing relaxed drug laws was a bridge also far for quite a few.

Councilman Al Ferraro had qualms, saying it would make situations worse in troubled neighborhoods.

“It’s going to attract a lot more … in these places crying for enable. Please do what ever you can to quit this from coming,” Ferraro stated.

Like fentanyl, marijuana is a scourge for Ferraro, who is “concerned about it.”

Councilman Ron Salem, a druggist by trade, stated that beyond young children with seizures, cannabis was of no use compared to the trusted globe of patient medicine.

Councilman Aaron Bowman stated that opposing decriminalization would send a message to men and women moving right here that Jacksonville is a city of laws, a single that stands athwart the devil’s lettuce. 

Bowman recommended that men and women would drive from elsewhere to partake.

“Never heard of anybody driving across state lines to get higher,” Dennis stated.

Council President Scott Wilson likewise had “real concern” about the bill, positing that marijuana could be laced with fentanyl.

Even though Brenda Priestly-Jackson noted that cannabis arrests have a “disproportionate impact” on “communities of colour,” the fentanyl/marijuana connection was also tough to refute for this Council.

Polling showed 84 % assistance for decriminalization just this year, but clearly no members of the City Council had been canvassed.

Jacksonville’s Council is bucking a trend of decriminalization all through the state, which is reflected in two separate bills on the federal level searching for to move cannabis to Schedule III.


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