Police Take Down 4 Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries in Regina, Canada



The grey market place was in for a rude awakening when Regina police raided 4 unlicensed dispensaries, according to CBC News. Illegal marijuana retailers – who operated for years with impunity – enjoyed protection due to police indifference or a lack of enforcement sources.

Now, provinces are ultimately beginning to mobilize against these establishments, who make up a big portion of the illegal cannabis market place.

But thinking of the quantity of time police and government authorities took small action prior to and soon after legalization, these 4 dispensaries are a drop in the bucket.

If authorities continue the strategy of striking against illegal dispensaries, they have a extended, really hard battle ahead of them.


Neighborhood Work


Police hit all 4 areas simultaneously, seizing a selection of products, such as money, dry herb, edibles, topicals and documents.

The owners and personnel had been all hit with charges beneath the Saskatchewan Cannabis Manage Act.

 In Regina’s case, these dispensaries had been not shut down thanks totally to the efforts of law enforcement. CBC News explains:


“Four illegal marijuana retail shops had been raided by the Regina Police Service, about four p.m. CST on Monday…Regina police and officers with the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods system carried out the raids, laying charges beneath the Saskatchewan Cannabis Manage Act.”


According to the Saskatchewan provincial government web page, the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods system is an work to passively recruit public help. They offer a list of essential indicators indicating possible criminal activity.

Some of the indicators listed incorporate points like frequent guests at all hours, blackened windows or windows with curtains continuously drawn and strange smells.

People who notice suspicious activities can anonymously contact a toll-no cost quantity or basically submit a confidential report on the internet.

The system is an great thought, considering the fact that it delivers extra surveillance devoid of taking away police sources. It also plays on a lot of people’s anti-cannabis opinions, considering the fact that these who strongly oppose marijuana are additional than satisfied to see an illegal establishment taken down.

Regardless of their motivation, it is clear that standard citizens are becoming vigilant. Contemplating that 4 dispensaries had been taken down as a outcome, it is secure to say the system performs.


Licensing More than Brute Force


Regina’s neighborhood surveillance strategy is powerful and clever, but it is nevertheless not the most effective answer. Locating suspicious activity on the police’s behalf definitely saves authorities a lot of work, but the course of action of raiding establishments and charging these involved is just the starting.

Defendants now have to face criminal penalties, which requires time spent in the court method, legal charges and other connected expenditures that fall onto taxpayers.

The old way of responding with police raids created sense for the duration of prohibition, but now that there is a legal framework, there are far better approaches.

The most effective way to deal with this predicament is to give these dispensaries an chance to develop into licensed. They currently have a place and all the important tools to run it. All these corporations will need to do is replace their illegal inventory with legal item.

This gets rid of the illegal dispensaries and saves authorities the work of arresting, charging and prosecuting. It solves two difficulties at when with small work.

But in spite of this clear answer, no province has attempted applying it.


WeedAdvisor’s Continued Assistance for Legal Retailers


WeedAdvisor has constantly supported efforts to do away with illegal dispensaries and the black market place as a complete. But aside from cheering on the efforts of government and police, all we can do is hope the campaign against illegal cannabis is prosperous.

In the meantime, we will continue backing legal dispensaries with our powerful enterprise options covering POS, reward applications, compliance, inventory tracking and additional.


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