South Beloit city council passes special use permit for cannabis dispensary


SOUTH BELOIT (WREX)—South Beloit city council members unanimously voted to pass a special use permit for a cannabis dispensary in the city.

This is a key role that will allow the developer, DYN Commercial Holdings LLC, to build the dispensary.

The cannabis dispensary is projected to be along I-90 and Ranger drive near the Wisconsin and Illinois border.

The Mayor of South Beloit, Ted Rehl, said the dispensary brings economic growth to the city.

“At the minimum, it could be in the range from 600 to 900 thousand dollars for the city,” said Rehl

The mayor said South Beloit is the perfect place for the dispensary.

“When it’s purely business, then you have to look at location and South Beloit is the ideal location,” said Rehl.

But not everyone is excited for the new business.

Beloit Wisconsin Chief of Police David Zibolski told WREX 13 a dispensary could become a gateway to illegal activity.

“One of the biggest issues is that folks in Illinois not realizing that once you cross the stateline, that is illegal conduct. Or people in Wisconsin recognizing that going over and purchasing it and bringing it back is illegal conduct,” said Zibolski.

The mayor of South Beloit agrees people in both states should follow the law.

The city will now work on an agreement with the developer.

In a previous council meeting, the developer said the dispensary is expected to be up and running in February of 2020.


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