Weed for depression? : Marijuana


So I’ve been in a rut for a even though. Worst rut I’ve ever been in. I haven’t felt happiness in years. I’m alone, good friends. I have a dysmorphic disorder, depression, anxiousness problems, social anxiousness, the entire shabang.

I sit in my space alone for 14+ hours a day considering about how shit my life is, but weed is the 1 factor that get’s my thoughts off of all the bullshit.

Is it healthier to use weed as a way to get your thoughts off of items, or is it a sign of desperation and weak-mindedness? Absolutely everyone says it is often healthier to cope with items devoid of employing stuff like weed, mainly because when the weed runs out you are back exactly where you began. But I’ve been “back exactly where I started” for two years, why would I care if it is for a handful of days till I get some much more? What’s so incorrect with smoking weed till I get some skilled assistance and medication?

I’m just stuck among employing weed for the momentary bliss or not employing it mainly because it is not benefiting me at all in the extended run.


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