Dozens anticipated to apply as Utah opens health-related cannabis dispensary round


Utah officials anticipate “dozens” of folks and companies to apply to serve the state’s reasonably compact industry with a total of 14 health-related cannabis dispensaries.

The application procedure remains open till Dec. two, with state officials aiming to announce winners in time to launch the very first phase of the system on March 1.

Wealthy Oborn, director of the Utah Division of Health’s Center for Health-related Cannabis, stated he expects “dozens of interested applicants” to submit proposals to operate the dispensaries, according to the Deseret News in Salt Lake City.

Dispensaries are known as pharmacies in Utah.

Utah’s health-related marijuana law initially known as for a state-run method with seven private pharmacies.

The state-operated portion, even so, was scrapped due to the fact of issues more than Utah government personnel handling a federally illegal solution.

At the exact same time, lawmakers improved the quantity of private dispensaries from seven to 14, in component to address worries about access and demand.

The amended law calls for:

  • Eight licenses to be issued in a very first phase.
  • Six licenses to be issued in a second phase.
  • The complete licensing procedure to be completed by July 1.

Utah has been divided into 4 geographic regions, with every area obtaining at least one particular dispensary.

In July, regulators selected eight applicants to develop health-related marijuana.

Applicants are becoming directed to this state procurement hyperlink to search and view the application specifications.

For far more details about Utah’s application predicament, click right here.


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