Legislative Update: Assembly Bill 1529 – Modification to Vape Cartridge Labeling Needs


Author: Manufactured Cannabis Security Branch
Published: Oct 29, 2019
Sacramento, California

Assembly Bill (AB) 1529 was not too long ago signed into law and modifies the labeling specifications for cannabis vaping items. The bill is successful straight away and does not need regulatory adjustments to be successful.

All vape cartridges and integrated vaping devices sold inside California will have to be straight labeled with the Universal Symbol for cannabis. AB 1529 specifies the symbol could be engraved, affixed with a sticker or printed straight onto the cartridge could be printed in either black or white and will have to be at least a single quarter inch by a single quarter inch in size.

The CDPH Manufactured Cannabis Security Branch previously established labeling specifications for the innermost container of manufactured cannabis items, which includes the requirement that vape cartridges be labeled with the Universal Symbol (§40403). AB 1529 adds clarity to these specifications and modifies the size and colour specifications to ease burdens related with its implementation.

This labeling requirement was established to guarantee customers are informed that the vaping solution consists of cannabis, even right after the outer packaging is discarded. The requirement also distinguishes legal marketplace cannabis solution from cannabis vaping items that are sold by unlicensed sellers.

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The California Division of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Security Branch (MCSB) is a single of 3 state licensing authorities charged with oversight of industrial cannabis activity in California. MCSB is accountable for licensing and regulating cannabis companies and for establishing statewide requirements for packaging and labeling of cannabis and cannabis items.

MCSB strives to safeguard public overall health and security by making certain industrial cannabis companies operate protected, sanitary workplaces and adhere to very good manufacturing practices to make items that are free of charge of contaminants, meet solution recommendations and are effectively packaged and labeled.

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