USDS Releases Regulations for Hemp Production Plan


— Written By Marne Coit

The USDA has released a draft version of its interim regulations to build a domestic hemp production plan. The agency received authority to build these regulations below the 2018 farm bill. The farm bill authorized the USDA to build a shared federal and state regulatory authority more than the production of hemp, with the plan to be administered by the USDA Agricultural Promoting Service (AMS).

These regulations give essential guidance for the hemp sector and incorporate procedures for states and tribal governments to comply with to submit plans to be authorized by the USDA.

Some crucial points from the regulations:

  • Clarification that interstate transportation of hemp is permitted
  • States and tribal governments that want to administer hemp applications are needed to submit a state strategy to the USDA for approval. Components needed in the state plans incorporate:
    • Licensing needs
    • Way to track land utilised for production
    • Testing procedures for THC
    • Disposal of plants that test above permitted THC level
  • Labs that test for THC will need to have to register with the DEA

The regulations will be published in the Federal Register on Thursday, October 31, 2019, and will be efficient as of that day.

There is further information and facts about the Domestic Hemp Production Plan on USDA’s site.

The text of the draft interim rule is accessible.


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