IKEA's 'Daily Experiences' series explores the future of a high-tech home

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Imaginative series in partnership with SPACE10 Research Lab projects RA and RV programs that overcome barriers to home generation capabilities

Imagine using a virtual inflatable elephant to measure the height of your hallway ceilings or visualizing in technicolor how the sound of music is diffused in your home. This is what a recent series of virtual experiments through a well-known store and a study and design lab invites the public to reflect: IKEA has partnered with SPACE10 in a task called Everyday Experiments, which explores the imaginable long-term programs of the newest technologies. to locate answers to demanding housing design situations.

The main purpose of the series is to create cutting-edge lifestyles in and around the home, applying technologies such as RA and RV to home projects or answering questions that owners may have about their area and potential. To do this, Everyday Experiments partners with design and generation studios around the world to generate prototypes and speculative scenarios that allow a different, deeper and artistic understanding of the 3-d area of a home. These come with Light Gestures, an initial style of tactics for incorporating emerging gesture-based talents into the home; Spatial Instruments, a proposal to translate into music the spatial arrangement of an area; and perhaps more practical soft filters, which help users visualize the softening effect a lamp would have in their area before purchasing it.

So far, the task presents 18 experiments on its website, covering a variety of topics, questions and concepts about home design and life. Overall, Everyday Experiments hopes to motivate homeowners with the opportunities that long-term home design can offer to everyday life and make our homes more useful. EE is just one of the next-generation concepts that PSFK scholars have excelled in recent studies on the virtual home. Find out here.

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