Xfinity/Comcast X1 xi6/xid1 box issues w/samsung tv and marantz AVR

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I’ve been having a lot of problems with several different generations of the X1 boxes, they are running into Marantz receivers, and then to Samsung Q70 series TV’s

Setup 1: Xfinity Xi6 box – Marantz SR6014 receiver – connected via HDMI over CAT6 to Samsung Q70 TV

Occasionally, the xfinity box will go into like a “dumb” mode, where it doesn’t show any GUI elements, the guide doesn’t work, and changing channels sometimes works, but it doesn’t include any of the X1 elements (bottom bar, etc)… it’s like the tuner is working in a fallback mode.

Rebooting the X1 box always fixes it… but I’ve had a tech out like 4 times, signal is good, and I’ve tried about 5 different boxes now… different models and they all end up doing this…

This problem also is sporadic and spreads to my other TV’s, which are also samsung Q70 series and marantz receivers (but different models)

The reboot always fixes it, sometimes they fix themselves on their own… that’s what is so aggrevating about this problem.

Before the new xi6 box, we had xid1 boxes running at 1080p, and still the same behavior.

The only thing that seemed to have change now that we have the 4k xi6 box is we occasionally get a black screen instead of “no signal” or stuck with the channel changing only.

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