3 Teens Rescued After Boat Sinks Off Lynn Coast

LYNN (CBS) – An afternoon of striper fishing became an unexpected adventure for three teens from Peabody when their boat sank just outside Lynn Harbor. “I’m not really that shaken up about it,” said Ryan Huber. “And I’m not sure why.”

Ryan and two buddies guess they were two miles from shore on their 22-foot outboard, when the boat started taking on water.

“My buddy says ‘Grab a bucket!’” Ryan told WBZ. “So I started bailing water over the side of the boat.”

But it quickly became apparent that wouldn’t be enough.

“The captain called ‘Mayday!’ twice — maybe three times,” says Jason Qirjazi. “But then we had to jump off the boat.”

Three teens were rescued after their boat sank just outside Lynn Harbor (Image credit Nahant Police)

Rescue boats and helicopters launched immediately, as all three teens grabbed life jackets — with Ryan even taking a brief cell phone video of the trio paddling as they awaited rescue.

“My phone died as I was on the call with 911,” Ryan said. “That was nerve-racking. But we saw the helicopter and so we had a pretty good idea they knew where we were.”

Indeed, the teens were only in the water for 20 minutes or so, before a Nahant Fire Boat plucked them from the water for the ride to shore.

A boat that sank outside Lynn Harbor is towed back to shore (WBZ-TV)

None of them went to the hospital, and two of them say they’re ready for another fishing trip.

“Hopefully we’ll catch more next time,” Jason said.

“I’ll go out tomorrow,” added Ryan.

But they’ll need another boat. The one that sank on them was towed in — but they’re pledging to find another that’s more seaworthy.

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