Aiden English comments on potential Rusev Day reunion

Happy Rusev Day

Happy Rusev Day

There was a time when Rusev Day was one of the hottest acts of WWE thanks to the unlikely pairing of the Bulgarian Brute and Aiden English.

Now that both the stars have been released by the company, a lot of people wonder if we can see them getting back together outside the promotion.

During a recent interview with WrestlingInc, the former Vaudevillians member was asked about the possibility of the team getting back together and he joked that we will have to get Rusev off Twitch for that:

“I mean, I don’t see why not. It depends if we can get him off his Twitch channel, he is hot and heavy now. I mean I’m doing it too, but he is like, man, that is like his full-time gig now.”

English then revealed that he had texted Rusev right after their release from the company. He suggested that they are open to a reunion and any promotion who is interested in them can reach out:

“It’s funny you say that because like right after it happened, that day, we both sent texts like man, thanks for the run. See you in the next one and then I texted him. I think I said, ‘Rusev Day independent world tour?’ And he’s like, ‘let’s do it brother.’ So anybody who’s interested, our phones are on as they like to say.”

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