Double Docs is a simple, two-up, single-window, side-by-side Google Docs editor built in Electron.

Double Docs screenshot

To build


  • npm
  • Electron
  • npm module electron-packager

From project folder run: npm run package-mac. The build will be in the release-builds folder.

Alternative builds, npm run package-linux and npm run package-win not tested.

First run

  • Run the application in release-builds (or move it somewhere like /Applications first).
  • Sign-in using either of the Google sign-in windows, after which both docs will be authenticated.
  • Edit either/both new docs OR select the blue Google Docs icon top-left to browse for other docs. Click one to load and edit.

Note. Use the Docs, Sheets, Slides or Forms file browsers, not Google Drive’s as the latter can’t open a document in Double Docs.

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