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On June 21, 2020 I ordered a 55 inch lengthy, 77 pound Lifetime convertible bench from UMLUX.com in Major Spring, Texas for $94. I did not acquire a receipt or order confirmation. I filed a dispute PP-D-7600-8043. Following I filed a dispute PayPal sent me a USPS tracking quantity for a package which was ordered from a person miles away from me from Amazon and delivered to that persons address. I ordered my bench from UMLUX

PayPal JUST DENIED MY CLAIM These days. PayPal says The USPS tracking quantity says the item was delivered to me and left in my mailbox. Not possible!

The bench weighs 77 pounds so USPS would not have delivered it. Their maximum is 70 pounds. It is 55 inches lengthy so it would not match in my mailbox. I reside in a rural region so USPS often leaves substantial packages at my front door.

I took this data to my neighborhood Postmaster and she began a claim with the fraud division of the USPS to locate out how PayPal was in a position to get a tracking quantity for a package for a person miles away from me, in my zip code and assign that tracking quantity to me. She mentioned that a person had to hack into their USPS program to get a tracking quantity from Amazon and attempt to inform me that it was for my package from IMLUX . If you google IMLUX you will locate out that it is a scam web site.

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