Zotero’s add-on dialog in google docs disapears (and how I “solved” it)

I come here with a question and a solution if anyone happens to have a similar problem.

If I create a new google document in drive (I am using Firefox), when I click on Zotero’s add-on (in google docs) I can see the dialog “add/edit citation, bibliography, preferences” and so on. However, when following the “Moving Documents with Zotero Citations Between Word Processors” entry, after I upload the converted file to drive and I open it, I can no longer see anything when I press the add-on. I don’t get any error or loading window, it just doesn’t do anything (Debug ID: D790602153). I tried what I saw in another post (Zotero SubMenu will not appear in Google Docs), but I didn’t work. Also, there is no citation dialog opened in the background.

The same happens with the grey “Z” symbol in google docs. If it is a created google drive document, it responds and I can introduce a new citation. In contrast, if the document has been uploaded, the button acts as dead.

How I “solved” it.

I followed the “Moving Documents with Zotero Citations Between Word Processors”, except that instead of uploading it to google drive, I created a new blank document. I copied/pasted it there and then pressed the refreshed button in the zotero’s add-on. Basically, avoid uploading, since it seems it’s what is causing the problem.

I don’t know why it stops working when I upload the document, everything should be updated, I tried reinstalling without uninstalling and re-enabling the add-ons.

I hope this can be useful if anyone has this problem and I also hope someone can help me solve it in a better way.

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