1 in 20 older Americans smoke pot often, survey finds

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Marijuana use is on the rise amongst older Americans, with 1 in 20 saying they had utilized inside the earlier month, according to a new study.

About five% of males and ladies aged 55 and older mentioned they’d utilized marijuana or hashish in the earlier month amongst 2016 and 2018, according to an annual federal government survey on potentially risky behaviors.

Use was twice as higher amongst males, with about six.7% reporting cannabis use for the duration of that 3-year period compared to three.five% of ladies.

There could be a number of explanations, an author of the new study mentioned.

“It could be there are a lot more men and women applying marijuana for healthcare situations. It could be there are a lot more applying it for recreational utilizes. It could be a lot more men and women acknowledging use, in an atmosphere when it is a lot easier to say that you use merchandise when speaking to a person from the government,” mentioned co-researcher Bill Jesdale, an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Health-related College, in Worcester.

Survey final results discovered that reported cannabis use enhanced yearly amongst 2016 and 2018, increasing from four.two% of men and women 55 and older in 2016 to five.9% in 2018.

Use amongst males rose from five.five% in 2016 to eight.three% in 2018, whilst use amongst ladies went from three.two% to three.9%, the survey showed. [Read More @ UPI.com]

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