Consider a Path to Success Without Aegon!!!

I have been playing this game for almost the entire time it has been out (joined in late 2015). I have completed Acts 1-6, fully explored act 5, have initial clears of AOL and LOL, and have fully explored three of the five variants in the game (variant 2-4). AND I have never had an Aegon to use. A lot of the content listed can be done easily without Aegon except in large part LOL and AOL.

LOL Completion:
I used full synergy team with Ghost, Wasp, the Hood, Yellowjacket, and Ant-Man. Cost me about 3000 units and major pain point was the Maestro at the end.

AOL Completion:
This happened a week ago after I had been fed up with not pulling Aegon. My team consisted of Nick Fury, Doctor Doom, Human Torch, Magneto, and Corvus Glaive. This cost me a whopping 8000 units and major pain points were Joe fixit, cyclops, and the nameless collector.

I am making this post to encourage players to try these pieces of content without Aegon. It may seem like a waste of resources, but if you have to wait a year to pull Aegon, your progression will be deeply halted in this game and it will take a long time to recover (if ever). I have been playing this game on and off since 2015 and I can truly say that when I wasn’t playing this game my account suffered significantly. When I eventually came back to the game in January of 2020, I went as hard as I could to catch up to players like Seatin, Prof Hoff, ContestChampion, Rich the Man, etc. After a very long and tiring year of catching up from a soon to be uncollected account to a now abyss completed account in the span of a little more than half a year, I can say that it was worth it. Although it can be costly, the arena can also be your best friend. From what I have experienced in this game, Aegon is not as important as people say he is. There were only a few fights in AOL that I felt Aegon would have been the best for (AKA the three listed above). Thus, I really want to motivate people waiting to do LOL and AOL to enhance their accounts without Aegon. It is a big task but I believe in you summoners.

In case anyone is wondering, here were my rewards for the Abyss:
Five Star Winter Soldier
Six Star Stealthy Dupe
Six Star Morningstar
Mystic T5CC
Cosmic AG

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