Costco anticipates Christmas and the consumer did not like the idea

Costco anticipates Christmas and the consumer did not like the idea

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all kinds of changes and among these actions has forced some stores to make hasty decisions, such as advancing the sale of Christmas merchandise.

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed all the events and dates based on which celebrations were held, which motivated temporary consumption or in relation to events such as the premiere of movies or product presentations.

Given this reality, an important trend began to generate that practically discarded the seasonality of the calendar, in order to carry out certain events on days that did not correspond.

Burger King was one of these brands that had the idea of ​​celebrating the consumer by bringing Christmas forward in the middle of summer, as an emotional way to support them in the midst of the contingency we are going through.

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These types of measures are part of the changes that as consumers we have witnessed. Something that is interesting to observe is the role that retail plays today and how a brand in this segment transcends the market, although others fail to make hasty decisions.

Costco rushes in and kicks off the holiday sale

Costco cared little that we are still starting September and has filled its stores with all the Christmas merchandise, which has motivated the consumer to have an opinion.

Various users have begun to denounce on social networks that the famous chain of price club stores already has Christmas trees and other products related to the season for sale.

The measure has led to criticism of the hasty offer with all kinds of products alluding to said celebration, in this situation, the famous supermarket chain seems to want to exhaust its inventory of products in the current situation that is experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

And it is that if something has attracted attention in consumption, it is the little interest that the consumer already pays to dates or seasons that previously motivated celebrations and spending.

This is obviously partial, since the interest is not extinguished, only the intensity with which it was previously done.

For example, Starbucks released a glow-in-the-dark tumbler and this became the brand’s Halloween strategy. Brands insist on selling seasonal products, let’s see if the consumer responds to this pressure.

Pressure the consumer to buy

Something that the consumer has complained about a lot has been the pressure they are subjected to by stores, to be able to carry out purchases related to stations.

We saw a good example of this when this consumer denounced on social networks the sale of bread of the dead, which is a food that in Mexico owes its popularity to the celebration of the Day of the Dead and like this date, there are others that are used by brands to celebrate, or rather to force their celebration at times that are not traditionally carried out.

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