How can I generate income from Google maps? (I’m lv6 local guide)

grayscale-photography of man walking on road

Good day, I recently discovered that one of my photos I’ve uploaded randomly on maps got many views. So I decided to take pictures and add places on the map and help my neighbor business owners get verified. Basically coffe shops. So i needed to claim the business as my own. Where in fact it ain’t. I collected information and asked for the owners numbers and entered them. Luckily Google has accepted and reviewed my additions. I’m a local guide level 6. And I’ve been doing it for a while now but couldn’t make any profit from it. In spite of that it could be profitable. Do you guys have any advices on how to approach clients to promote their business as they don’t pay any attention to maps and its high potential. How can i offer my services for free and then reep the benifits?

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