How would you guys handle this?

ex Wendy’s general manager here – I understand the BS involved in working at and running a fast food type joint but I’m just a little confused here.

So the last 2 times I’ve ordered from the Dominos near me – I never get the butter cup sauce that I pay extra for or the dipping sauce for the cinnamon twist things (not an extra one, but the one included with them). It ruins the dessert frankly because those things are only good with the dipping sauce.

Usually when stuff happens like this I just shrug it off because shit happens – but it being the second time, just kinda got on my nerves. And I had cracked open a few brews by the time I got to dessert so it wasn’t as simple as driving back.

So I called and explained and was expecting someone to comp me the dessert at least and the two missing butter cups – but they said no. They said they would comp be one butter and one of the cinnamon dipping sauces and that was it. A total value of like $1.50. I wasn’t about to be a dick on the phone so I just hung up.

But now I’m thinking to myself WTF man I get it I got half the dessert but they didn’t deliver on actually including all the components to it so as far as I am concerned it should be fully replaced. If someone came back to my Wendy’s with an issue I made their entire meal fresh.

What would you guys do? What’s reasonable in this situation?

Obviously I just wont go to this Dominos anymore but am I completely off base?

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