Focus Better: Timer & Pomodoro on the App Store

Focus Better is the #1 app for distraction-free focus and balanced productivity.

Join thousands celebrating this simple way to stay focused and get things done. Just start the ti­mer and get into flow with soot­hing sounds of na­tu­re.

PER­FECT FOR YOU — no mat­ter if you are:

* Stu­dy­ing
* Working
* Wri­ting
* Rea­ding
* Me­di­ta­ting
* …or simply want to fo­cus bet­ter

MORE FEATURES –– for your best focus:

* Flip to focus mode
Flip your phone face-down to start focusing
* Distraction-free focus mode
Exit the app and your session will end
* Auto-start break mode
Always remember to take a relaxing break
* Mindful break mode
Ad­apt your break time right af­ter every ses­si­on
* iCloud Sync [NEW]
Seamlessly sync your data across your devices
* …and many more features!

DETAILED STATS — for your motivation:

* History
View all your past sessions at a glance
* Distribution
Get visual clarity on where your time flows


* Plan your work
Stay on task by challenging yourself with daily session goals
* Work your plan
Focus on one task at a time, you got this

“This is the real secret of life: to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” (Alan Watts)

Discover now how simple and peaceful productivity can be.

DOWN­LOAD NOW –– and get fo­cu­sed.

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