New Update is out : FallGuysGame

Edit: Oldcustard is right, Seems like there are different variations of the same games:

Hit Parade,
A) there is now a part with horizontal rotating beams (like in whirlygig)
B) everything as it was with two additional wrecking balls
C) the wrecking balls are rotated 90 degrees

Dizzy Heights
A) the discs in the 2nd part are gone (so you basicaly jump straight to the abyss of the lower path (the one with rotating windows)
B)the discs are there in the 2nd part, but there are wrecking balls above them + spinning hammer before the last jump
C) the discs rotation is reversed

A) There’s a Big Yeetus before one of the windmills and the last windmill is going in the opposite direction

Slime climb
A) the last pushing beam is now faster
B) There is a whole new segment with two additional platforms
C) the cannon is shooting Logs instead of Balls and there are 3 hammers instead of 3 wrecking balls in the last section of the map
D) There are 4 stacks of doughnuts instead of the 3 wrecking balls in the last section

Gate crash
A) Gates are moving in a different pattern

A) More SeeSaws and a different pattern
B) More SeeSaws, differend pattern and some of the seesaws are rotated 90 degrees

A) There’s a huge hammer on each field

Rock ‘N’ Roll
A) additional moving obstacles on the upper deck

Fall Ball
A) Regular
B) spinning disc in the middle + 2 hammers on each side

Door Dash
A) Regular
B) Obstacles added infront of each row of the door + Big yeetus at the end

Fall Mountain
A) there’s one more hammer right before the crown

Perfect Match, Team TailTag, Jump Club, TipToe – No changes

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