One CNN anchor sidelined even more

BROOKE BALDWIN, who has reliably anchored CNN Newsroom 2-4pm for years now, is an anchor without a show . . . As I noted back in August, fellow CNN anchor Brianna Keilar got the nudge-and-nod from CNN, and they promoted her from anchoring CNN Right Now at 1-2pm to anchoring CNN Newsroom 1-3pm, reducing Baldwin to only an hour.

Now she will be reduced even further. On Instagram, she noted, “It’s been a dream of mine to work at CNN… I’m a home town girl (ATL 🍑), and this has always been my hometown network. In the last ten years, we’ve witnessed history together. I’ve laughed and cried with you… I’ve rung in many a New Year with you 🥂. I’ve been sick with you. I have GROWN with you.” CNN dropped her single hour even more, awarding it to CNN political anchor Jake Tapper, who will host The Lead from 3-5pm ET until after Election Day.

“Wish I was was with you, but I’ll see ya on [TV] on the flip side of the election,” she wrote. When asked why, she told someone on Instagram, “not my choice.”

ALSO . . .

NATALIE ALLEN, veteran 20+ year CNN International anchor, is leaving the network to pursue climate change.

“Between my assignments here at CNN, I work at a different network as a climate correspondent and it made me realize that climate change is the story of our lifetime. So, I’ve made it my mission to cover the environment and climate solutions with a new venture I’ll be starting. So, stay tuned for that, and stay with me . . .” She also announced she was getting married. Follow @CommentaryCNN

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