‘Top Ladies of Distinction’ keeps Jackson beautiful

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Top Ladies of Distinction in Jackson adopted the corner of North Royal and Lane Avenue years ago to do civic services.

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Tuesday evening, they painted fences, raked leaves, and watered plants. It’s their effort to keep Jackson beautiful.

The organization has multiple projects including beautification and status of women. They also have Top Teens of Distinction in order to teach young people how to become responsible and do community service.

President of Top Ladies of Distinction, Mabel Teamer, says the organization partnered with the city of Jackson, Lowes, and Home Depot.

“We are hoping the community can see what we’re doing and how we’re beautifying it and taking it home to themselves and in their community they can do the same thing,” Teamer says.

The Top Ladies of Distinction currently has 24 members and are always looking for more people willing to do civic service.

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