AOL Update 3rd party mail.

AOL email to update 3rd party email as on iPhone or you will loose the ability to load AOL mail on you iPhone except on AOL’s app.

The confusion of instructions on how to complete this task leads to AOL selling professional help if you pay for an AOL monthly account subscription.

Here is out to complete the task with ease.

  1. Go to Apple App Store and down load AOL Mail.
  2. Sign in with your name and password, allow time to upload your account. Open one email to make sure your up and running.
  3. Tap gear at bottom right.

Manage emails

Click edit

Click Remove

4. Go to

5 sign in as usual.

6. Go to my profile

7 go to passwords account security

8 At bottom Generate app password

9 highlight new password

( keep finger down)

click COPY

10 Go back to AOL app

11 Click on gear at bottom

12 click add account

13 put in you email name

14 In Password paste the generated password

15 continue. The email account will open and provide 3 ways to receive a 5 number code

16 enter code and save

17 your done. There after your regular password will work. AOL may ask you to create at new password, just click I’ll do it later.

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