Google Maps has live reports of how busy business is in real time

Google tacitly announced a search focus event yesterday called “Search On 2020”, where Google discussed all the search innovations it hadn’t discussed at Google I / O this year. During the event, Google unveiled a number of search enhancements, including real-time monitoring and location busyness reporting on Google Maps.

We are all familiar with the existing Google activity indicator on a Google Maps list, which shows the traditional indicator of a business’s occupancy during a day. This data is the total distribution of historical visitors to this location. Now Google can use real-time anonymized data to show how busy a location is.

The new user interface (characterized by the new live annotation) shows exactly how busy a company is compared to its usual occupancy at the time. Google also integrated live business indicators into Live View for users with AR-assisted navigation. Just find the company and tap the business icon to view an indicator or activity in real time (or just do a search by yourself).

This is great if you’re trying to avoid the crowds due to social distancing or if you don’t have a lot of time and need to reschedule your visit. This is a great example of what can be done with anonymized aggregated data and provides real-world insights that can be helpful.

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