Stop Being Willfully Stupid – Yahoo article about Mets and Trevor Bauer

I see a headline from Yahoo (how’s that Mets site coming guys?) about how Trevor Bauer’s agent is going to let Bauer know that Mets fans are interested in him.

  1. Like that has anything to do with anything
  2. Bauer has been openly flirting with teams and their fanbases on twitter – including the Yankees….as he should. The Yankees will likely pay him more, plus they aren’t losers (although they haven’t sniffed a World Series since the Aughts so they are starting to be losers.)

So what’s the idea here…..the phone rings….”Hey Trevor, it’s me, Ari Gold…look the Mets fans really ant you so I’m gonna get a deal done, ok bye.”

Stupid stupid stupid. As Khan says….

Speaking of Star Trek – I would like to congratulate them. They have gotten me all the way to the point that a new season of Discovery came out and I didn’t watch, I didn’t try to watch, I didn’t read a recap, I didn’t watch a Youtube video about it. I just don’t care.

Which is kind of how I feel about the Mets now that Dom Smith has embraced the spreading virus of vulgarity.

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