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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced the heartbreak of watching your dog suffer from severe anxiety, arthritis, or worse.

It can be unbearable to watch your beloved animal suffer.

This is why so many pet owners turn to supplements like CBD to help manage symptoms and improve their dogs’ quality of life.

CBD has many benefits for dogs — such as alleviating separation anxiety, easing post-traumatic stress, alleviating chronic joint or hip pain, and mitigating the side effects of chemotherapy.

Here, you’ll learn how to choose a CBD product for your dog, along with some recommendations for the best CBD products for dogs available in 2020.

What Are the Best CBD Brands For Pets In 2020?

  • Royal CBD Award Winning, Best CBD Product For Dogs Overall
  • Gold Bee – Runner Up, Quality Product at a Good Price
  • Blessed CBD Potent CBD, But Only Ships to the UK

1. Royal CBD Dog Treats — Editor’s Pick

Royal CBD OilRoyal CBD Oil

Royal CBD has two CBD product lines formulated specifically for dogs — these CBD-infused treats and a CBD pet oil line.

While both products are excellent options, the treats really stand out. They come in three different formulas — each designed to address a specific purpose or application:

  • Hearty Treats — for overall health and cardiovascular function
  • Calming Treats — for stress and anxiety
  • Active Treats — for hip and joint pain and inflammation

Each treat comes with a proprietary formula consisting of high-grade full-spectrum hemp extract, along with other herbs and nutrients. You can find ingredients such as L-theanine and chamomile (Calming Treats), blueberry and flaxseed (Hearty Treats), and boswellia and turmeric (Active Treats).

All CBD products made by Royal CBD come with complete third-party testing, use organic hemp, and are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This brand is highly-acclaimed in the CBD industry. These pet treats and the company’s CBD pet oils, have been awarded as the top CBD pet product in the United States by several high-profile media outlets and industry experts. A few examples include CFAH, SF Weekly, Weed News, and SF Examiner.

2. Gold Bee CBD Oil — Runner-Up

Gold Bee CBD OilGold Bee CBD Oil

Gold Bee is another popular CBD brand in the United States. Their products contain some of the highest terpene ratios we’ve seen yet. These terpenes contribute to the overall effects of the oil. Some support the anti-inflammatory effects; others provide additional painkilling or anti-anxiety relief.

This brand doesn’t make a specific CBD pet oil line, but its regular CBD oil lineup is already well-suited for dogs. They contain less than 0.3% THC (non-psychoactive) and don’t contain any added ingredients that may be unsafe for dogs.

You can get these oils in three different potencies — which is useful for matching the potency of the oil with the size of your dog:

  • 300 mg CBD oil best for small dogs
  • 600 mg CBD oil best for medium or large dogs
  • 1200 mg CBD oil best for very large dogs

These oils come in a raw, unflavored version (recommended for dogs), and a sweet honey-flavored version.

Like any high-end CBD brand, all Gold Bee oils are third-party tested, backed by a 30-day guarantee, and made from organic ingredients.

Gold Bee has been mentioned as a top contender in the CBD space by several online publications — such as LA Weekly, Metro Times, VentureBeat, Cleveland Scene, Riverfront Times, Observer, Orlando Weekly, and SA Current.

3. Blessed CBD Oil — UK’s Best CBD Oil

Blessed CBD is known for being a pioneer in the UK CBD industry. They make three different CBD oils, each consisting of a high-grade full-spectrum extract.

Blessed CBD sources organic hemp from the United States and use supercritical CO2 to extract the active ingredients. These oils contain the entire spectrum of hemp derivatives — including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and terpenes such as myrcene, linalool, bisabolol, limonene, and more.

This company is only available in the UK. We’ve included them on our list for our international readers. Neither Gold Bee nor Royal CBD ships their products internationally.

For dogs, we recommend sticking to the 500 mg CBD oil from Blessed CBD.

Each drop of this oil delivers 1.5 milligrams of active CBD. Using just a few drops, you can deliver a precise dose of CBD for your pet.

This oil also comes in 1000 and 1800 mg CBD oils — but due to the small volume of the oil (10 mL bottles), these oils are too potent to use with dogs.

How to Choose CBD Products for Dogs

CBD is perfectly safe to use with dogs — but it’s important to use the right stuff.

The most important thing is to always order your CBD products from a reputable brand. There are many companies with poor integrity selling fake CBD products or using contaminated hemp to make their oils.

Other considerations to make include deciding between full-spectrum and CBD isolates, looking at third-party testing, and deciding whether you should use a CBD dog treat or CBD pet oil.

CBD Dog Treats vs. CBD Pet Oil

The most popular CBD products for dogs are the conventional CBD oils and CBD-infused dog treats.

While both work, each option has its own set of pros and cons to consider.

CBD dog treats are the easiest way to use CBD with your pet. They taste great and deliver pre-measured doses of CBD. Pet treats usually contain set amounts of CBD — like 2.5 mg or 5 mg per piece. Pet treats also have the advantage of allowing extra ingredients in the formula that can help boost the effects of CBD for a specific purpose or application.

The downside of using CBD dog treats is that they’re going to be more expensive than an equivalent CBD oil.

CBD pet oils are the most common method of using CBD for both dogs and humans. They’re easy to make, relatively cheap, and allow you to give your dog precise doses of CBD. There are no major differences between a CBD pet oil and a regular CBD oil for humans. Pet oils may come in smaller potencies for smaller animals, and often have dog-friendly flavors (like beef, bacon, or chicken).

Full-Spectrum Vs. CBD Isolate Vs. Broad-Spectrum

There are three different types of CBD extracts to consider:

  • Full-spectrum — contains the entire spectrum of hemp-derived phytochemicals
  • CBD isolate — made from pure CBD (no terpenes, cannabinoids, or other phytochemicals)
  • Broad-Spectrum — made from a full-spectrum extract with THC removed

In general, the best option for dogs is a full-spectrum extract. This type of extract maintains the natural phytochemical makeup of the hemp plant. This is important because many of the other compounds in hemp have a medicinal value of their own. Compounds like CBC, CBG, CBN, and the various terpenes all add extra benefits to the oil.

Full-spectrum pet oils tend to be stronger than isolates and offer more well-rounded benefits. They support a broader range of health complaints and underlying causes.

Broad-spectrum extracts are similar to full-spectrum, but they can be hit or miss. Removing the THC in the extract can damage other elements, such as the terpenes. Some companies simulate a full-spectrum extract by mixing a few different cannabinoid isolates — but this will have very different effects than a true full-spectrum product.

CBD isolates are the weakest option, but you can make up for this by using a higher dose. These products are the cheapest option and maybe the only product type available depending on where you live.

If you want to boost the effects of a CBD isolate pet oil, you can combine cannabis-derived terpene concentrates with the oil. You can buy a variety of active cannabis terpenes from companies like Finest Labs.

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing is critical in this day in age. It’s become the industry standard to provide transparency for CBD products.

Here’s how it works.

Whenever a CBD manufacturer completes a fresh batch of hemp extract, they send a sample to an independent lab for analysis. Tests are done to look at the cannabinoid profile, terpene ratios, and check for various contaminants.

The results of these tests are sent back to the manufacturer.

A reputable brand that has a quality product that meets the company’s claims will publish these results live on its website.

If you can’t find a current third-party lab panel for the CBD pet products you’re looking to purchase, we recommend you either rah out to the company for these tests or look elsewhere.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

The dose of CBD for animals can vary substantially from one dog to the next. It’s difficult to give a specific dose because there are so many different factors that can change the optimal dose from one animal to another.

Factors that affect the dose of CBD include:

  • Size & weight of the animal
  • Metabolism and liver function
  • Genetic variations
  • Breed of the dog
  • The severity of the condition
  • Digestive health (affects absorption)

In general, it’s best to start with a low dose of CBD and build up gradually over time. You’ll know you’ve found the right dose when you notice symptoms starting to improve.

If you’ve used too much, your dog may show side effects like fatigue or lethargy. They’ll usually spend more time napping than usual. If this happens, it means you’ve found the upper limit. Work back the next dose until you notice side effects go away.

Here are some starting doses based on the weight range of your dog:

  • Small dogs (less than 20 lbs) — 2 mg (increase dose by 1 mg per dose)
  • Medium-sized dogs (20 – 50 lbs) — 5 mg (increase by 2 mg per dose)
  • Large Dogs (over 50 lbs) — 10 mg (increase by 5 mg per dose)

Summary: Where To Buy the Best CBD Products For Dogs?

CBD is an excellent health supplement for dogs. Pet owners are using these products to help manage pain, inflammation, anxiety, and much more.

The best CBD products for pets come with a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum extract, provide extensive third-party testing with every batch, and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Always consult your vet before using CBD products with your dog if they have underlying health issues or are taking any other medications.

If you’d like to try using CBD pet treats with your dog, check out the lineup at Royal CBD.

For CBD oils, a great option to consider are the Gold Bee full-spectrum CBD oils.

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