Anyone else get super cold after smoking?

Cannabis actually cools the body off I read a study on it a year or a few years ago. It’s been awhile atleast but yes cannabis does cool the body off it’s also one of the best anti inflammatorys in the world.

I’m hoping this bill to pass scientific research of cannabis federally. There’s 2 one made and passed by the senate. And one made and passed by the house. We need the one made and passed by the house to be passed by the senate and the president

This bill would enable scientists to go to legal state licensed dispensaries and test and research properties of actually beneficial medical grade cannabis.

The current 2 places growing cannabis right now that’s federally regulated facilities are universities. Another huge problem with this is the cannabis they test is like Mexican brick grade almost hemp pretty much I don’t think it has tested over 2% thc if that says anything

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