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DENVER, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CBD and hemp retailer PhytoRite has launched a state-of-the-art digital catalog that transforms the shopping experience for consumers and referring partners alike. By combining a curated collection of premium products with a high-tech e-commerce platform, the retailer aims to partner with dispensary owners, CBD advocates, CBD content bloggers, and influencers interested in expanding their options for online monetization.

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Currently available for viewing, the digital catalog offers marked improvements when compared to traditional web or app shopping. In its 40-plus pages, the PhytoRite catalog covers impressive ground: products from oils and topicals to hemp bars, luxury personal care products, and gourmet edibles are all featured. The platform is specifically designed to focus on the industry’s most promising emerging brands, introducing consumers to new names while also nurturing steady, sustainable growth in the CBD and hemp industry.

And while the catalog’s engineering and product selection alone is more than enough to generate industry interest, perhaps even more notable is the additional element of a CBD influencers platform of sorts. Using PhytoRite’s advanced platform, any dispensary, influencer, or website with an audience can quickly establish a revenue stream.

The secret to the platform’s success lies in its intelligent design and user-friendly interface. Shoppers can browse trusted products with ease, adding items to their cart directly from the digital catalog. All orders are automatically tracked back to the referring partner, generating a minimum of 20% of each sale.

Ultimately, PhytoRite’s goal is two-fold. First, they hope to effectively bridge the gap between consumers and trusted CBD and hemp brands. Secondly, as founder and CEO Charlie Stivers says, they want to do what few dispensaries or cannabis brands have been able to: monetize digital assets into a viable revenue stream without requiring consumers to physically walk through a business’s doors:

We [want to] make it easy for cannabis advocates and content generators, with their own audience and sphere of influence, who are looking for alternatives to affiliate models and network marketing products.

When asked about his vision for the future of PhytoRite, Stivers goes on to say,

As the hemp and phytocannabinoid markets grow and innovate, we look forward to helping professional producers get the word out in our catalog, website, and digital properties, by sharing the benefits of cannabis without intoxication to our network of buyers living the hemp lifestyle.

PhytoRite may be a fairly new arrival to the flourishing CBD and hemp industry, but the company has wasted no time in making a name for itself. Through a commitment to ongoing innovation and a genuine passion for widely-accessible, high-quality CBD, PhytoRite has become an industry trailblazer in more ways than one.

About PhytoRite: Founded in 2017 by Charlie Stivers and Mia Voss, PhytoRite is a Denver-based CBD and hemp e-commerce marketplace and retailer dedicated to exemplary product quality and industry innovation. Inspired by the founders’ personal journeys with CBD, PhytoRite was the very first hemp and CBD company to successfully open its doors in their conservative, Denver-area county. Since then, their unique combination of retail and e-commerce experiences has driven the PhytoRite team to develop new and improved ways for both consumers and entrepreneurs to find success in the CBD and hemp industry.

For more information about PhytoRite and the launch of their digital catalog platform, please contact Charlie Stivers at [email protected] or 303-218-9625. Additional details are available at www.phytorite.com, and the catalog can be viewed at catalog.phytorite.com.

Media Contact:
Charlie Stivers
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303.218.9625
Website: PhytoRite.com

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