Psychedelics Production Challenges & Solutions

Ryan Allway

December 21st, 2020

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Psilocybin and other tryptamine-based compounds could become blockbuster therapeutics for the treatment of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other difficult to treat psychiatric conditions. While many clinical trials are underway, researchers are turning their attention toward the problem of mass-producing psychedelics in a cost-effective way.

Let’s take a look at some of the production challenges associated with psychedelics, as well as how companies like CB Therapeutics Inc. are developing scalable solutions.

Production Challenges

Psilocybin has become the most popular psychedelic substance but isolating the substance from magic mushrooms is expensive and variable. For example, the most common magic mushroom contains between 10 and 12 milligrams of psilocybin per gram of dried mushroom whereas an effective oral dose requires between six and 20 milligrams.

Mescaline is another prime example of a production issue. With the decriminalization of psychedelics in several U.S. cities, demand for mescaline cacti has soared and overharvesting has become a major problem. The plant takes decades to regenerate and produce fruit, which has created problems for Mexican Indians and Native Americans that rely on the plant.

In addition to raw production, quality control is another important issue facing the industry. Relying on growing and harvesting fungi means that researchers and practitioners must trust that a standardized process was used. The cannabis industry serves as a reminder that production methods aren’t always as clean as one would hope.

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Scalable Solutions

Many biotech and pharmaceutical companies have been exploring alternative ways to produce psilocybin. Unfortunately, many of these chemical-based techniques require expensive components in the process, which translates to higher costs per gram.

CB Therapeutics Inc. has developed an enzyme-based process that could be substantially more efficient than existing chemical and biosynthesis techniques. In addition to making the active compounds that occur naturally, the enzymatic processes are capable of yielding bioidentical compounds as well as their analogs for targeting therapeutics.

“We continue to advance our research and development for the cost-effective and highly scalable biosynthetic production of these compounds,” said Dr. Jacob Vogan, Chief Science Officer of CB Therapeutics in a recent press release. “There is unmatched potential for generating both well-known compounds such as psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT and also analogs with unique characteristics using our cellular agriculture platform. We look forward to manufacturing these molecules to further our mission to treat depressive disorders and addiction as an adjunct to psychotherapy.”

In June, the company announced the successful biosynthesis of DMT and related tryptamine compounds in yeast and filed a patent covering the process. The company’s goal is to leverage the production process to support clinical trials for these compounds as therapeutics, and ultimately, support their commercialization on a much larger scale, if approved by the FDA.

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Looking Ahead

CB Therapeutics Inc. is uniquely positioned to supply the psychedelics industry—both in a research role and a commercial production role. In combination with its cannabinoid production capabilities, investors may want to take a closer look at the company over the coming months as it continues to expand its capabilities and build its IP portfolio.

For more information, visit the company’s website or download their investor presentation.


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