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Two New Hope business who own a chain of CBD oil stores including one in New Hope, approached the Flemington council to gauge interest in a dispensary in the borough now that voters in the state have approved recreational marijuana use. Mayor Betsy Driver said the borough had passed a resolution two years ago welcoming a medical marijuana dispensary when the state allows them to open.

Here’s what TAPinto You! found Hunterdon residents and business owners had to say on the issue on social media featuring this news story:

Karl Lackemacher: “Not a fan but if Flemington has to have one it should be owned by a Flemington resident.”

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Ian Dubs: “The tax revenue would be a great benefit.”

Lauren Jannelli: “Before all of the licensed marijuana shops are able to open, I think they will let the general population purchase marijuana from the dispensaries, even though they don’t have a script or an ID card.”

Jacob Ritchie: “…the demographic that grew for users of cannabis once made legal in CO. was actually soccer moms. Due to it being illegal this demographic weighed the risks of consuming and opted not to due to laws.”

Melissa Zittel: “I worked for a Doctors office that dealt with MMP patients and this would be amazing for all the patients with Cancer or other debilitating diseases who won’t have such long wait times due to the lack of dispensaries in the state.”

Shi Owen: “The weed debate is funny to me. Those opposed to it think when it’s legalized, we’ll have a bunch of zombies driving cars and running people over while eating a bag of “cheetos. People who smoke or eat edibles are literally already doing it, they’re just buying and consuming it illegally (unless you have a medical card). It’s really no different than people who drink and drive…the premise is that you’re suppose to act responsibly. The same with prescription drugs that can alter your state of mind…”.

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Source: https://www.tapinto.net/towns/flemington-slash-raritan/articles/what-would-you-think-about-a-marijuana-dispensary-coming-to-flemington

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