benefits of marijuana ?

(Speaking personally):


It really helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system. I have chronic anxiety and I use it twice a week and for a couple of days afterwards my anxiety is reduced, I findI do better with indicas. I practice chanting Tibetan mantras and the dopamine affect from a spiritual practice makes the experience really intense.

It unlocks tight muscles and alleviate chronic pain I get from riding a desk for the last twenty years.

I’m a lifelong heavy drinker and alcohol now holds zero appeal

Likewise I’m a compulsive eater and that impulse shuts off like a switch (I understand many people pig out when high but as with alcohol I feel like the pot somehow acts on compulsive behaviors)

I struggle with irritability and sometimes being caught up with myself and an little mean. When high I feel like I’m smacked in the face with how much I love my family and feel motivated towards greater kindness to others.


My rule for anxiety is that if your at a 1-6 getting high tends to help you unwind, however if you are currently in crisis like at a 7-10 for me pot is a real bad idea and a couple of times has helped fuel a really long and uncomfortable panic attack.

Again this goes against the norm but I feel like all pot for me (even indicas) is pretty stimulating and if I add on after about 5:00 PM I’m likely to get to sleep real late and a sleep deficit is my number one trigger for my mental health issues.

Between how effective it is with anxiety and how fast you can build a tolerance It’s easy to see how it’s potential for dependency is no joke so for me that takes constant vigilance and my personal solution is trying to stay strict about the not more than twice a week rule.

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