Cannabis Has Become a Go-To Grownup Stocking Stuffer

When a certain famous young entertainer was recently clocked at the Originals Factory & Weed Shop buying over $3,000 worth of cannabis goodies, those working behind the counter realized they weren’t just spotting a celebrity but a trend. Sensing all eyes upon her as she proceeded to lay out a bundle of hundred dollar bills to cover her spree, she laughed before blurting out with her trademark bravado: “Naughty or nice, all my friends in the industry will be getting cannabis treats in silk stockings this year.”

Some shoppers worried about ordering online at this late date are buying up joints, pipes, and cannabis gummies to give as gifts.

Marijuana always does well in the holidays, but COVID has changed the game,” declares Brandon Melendez, founder of the Originals, located in South Los Angeles. “People are definitely spreading the holiday spirit more this season.”

It isn’t to the point where bud is overtaking bottles of booze as the last-minute gift of the holiday season, but smaller items just happen to make perfect stocking stuffers.

And like alcohol, cannabis has been easy to come by throughout the pandemic. The state declared cannabis an “essential” business the moment the March lockdown began. [Read more at Los Angeles Magazine]

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