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We all need a little downtime over the holidays — even in a normal year. So as we race into an even crazier-than-usual Christmas and New Year’s Eve (complete with a pandemic, money and job woes left and right, and missing many of our loved ones), I think it’s pretty fair to say we can use all the self-care we can get.

Enter CBD (or cannabidiol) beauty products. They’re everywhere these days. (And no, they won’t get anyone high, since they don’t contain any THC.) Instead they combine CBD with a carrier oil like a rose oil, olive oil or jojoba. As a skin cream, they can reduce acne and moisturize dry skin. Ditto body lotions and scalp treatments.

CBD also delivers antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, explains Graham Smith, co-founder of New York-based skincare company No, Thank You. “Both of those things have really good properties for skincare,” he says. Antioxidants help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and balance your complexion, whereas anti-inflammatories offer relief from irritation.

Take one of the company’s star products, called An Oil for All Day ($85 on nty.co). Its CBD interacts with other oils and together, they last long enough to keep the skin moisturized for hours. It has an olive oil derivative that lubricates skin and carries antioxidants. And seed oil from the baobab — which is known in Africa as “the tree of life” because it has so many healing properties — and rose hip seed oil to help promote cell turnover and boost Vitamin A.

  • DEC. 24, 2020 – An Oil for All Day from nty. Photo nty.co

  • DEC. 24, 2020 – A Balm for Lips from nty. Photo nty.co

Another winner from that line is Balm for Lips ($18 on nty.co). Likewise, it stays on for a notably longer time than most lip balms, because the CBD serves as a moisture-locking barrier that means you don’t need to keep re-applying it.

Lovers of Chantecaille’s sophisticated, nature-based products are bound to fall in love with the company’s CBD 300 Face & Body ($125 on nordstrom.com). Like so many of the company’s creations, it has a high concentration of natural botanicals — in this case, of eggplant stem cell extract to help calm skin, paired with cannabis sativa stem cell extracts that soothe and get rid of redness.

  • DEC. 24, 2020 – Chantecaille’s CBD Face and Body cream. Photo nordstrom.com

  • DEC. 24, 2020 – CBD Restoring Facial Oil from The Body Shop. Photo thebodyshop.com

Likewise, CBD Restoring Facial Oil ($39 on thebodyshop.com) by the Body Shop is terrific for dehydrated and stressed skin. Its CBD is mixed with hemp seed oil to make for a lightweight formula that moisturizes, replenishes dry patches and bolsters luminosity. Meanwhile, its light “green” scent is a bonus in its own right.

Mask devotees will get easily hooked on the Envy CBD Face Mask ($29.99 for three on envycbd.com), which uses full-spectrum CBD and a handful of organic ingredients to soften your face and leave it gleaming.

Speaking of gleaming, pucker up and get ready for that same effect from Saint Jane Luxury Lip Shine ($28 on saintjanebeauty.com). With the additions of botanicals like sunflower, chamomile and aloe, it’s a luxurious lip oil that endows a high-shine and silky gloss. It comes in four pretty, shimmery shades and is both vegan and cruelty-free.

  • DEC. 24, 2020 – Saint Jane Luxury Lip Shine. Photo saintjanebeauty.com

  • DEC. 24, 2020 – Revitalize Shampoo from Physicians Grade. Photo physiciansgrade.com

And lest we forget our tresses and scalp, there are plenty of shampoos and conditioners out there waiting to help soften and soothe. Physician’s Grade Ultra-Nourishing Revitalize Shampoo CBD ($24.99 on physiciansgrade.com), a concoction with 100 mg of pure CBD oil and natural ingredients from organic elements like pea sprouts that enhance scalp and hair follicle vitality. CBDs are also said to help restore buoyancy and hydration to existing hair, while promoting more growth and decrease stress overall.

More beauty and less stress? Now that sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the holidays.

Source: https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/12/23/cbd-beauty-products-to-amp-up-your-self-care-routine/

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