Nano CBD: Does it Work Better?

If you were bummed about the “garden gnomes,” you’re going to be really bummed when you hear what we have to say about Tommy Chong’s turn as a spokesperson for nano CBD products.

Yes, that Tommy Chong who starred in all those weed-infused movies with Cheech Marin and most recently appeared as “The Pineapple” in TV’s “The Masked Singer.” He has his own line of nano CBD products and has been promoting the heck out of them, especially on social media.

His marketing message is fairly hardline and simple: he wants you to chuck your CBD oil in favor of his, which he says are better. Even without regard to the sketchy science surrounding nano CBD, when compared to Cornbread Hemp’s products, Chong’s products fall short.

Chong’s CBD is not organic, unlike Cornbread Hemp’s products which are USDA certified organic across all ingredients. His CBD contains no THC, the compound which gives hemp’s cousin, marijuana, its psychotropic qualities. Cornbread Hemp uses the federally legal amount of THC, 0.3 percent, in their products to help produce an “entourage effect” between the two and other compounds in the products. Is Tommy Chong’s CBD free from additives? No, it’s not. Can you check out Chong’s lab reports about his CBD on his website? No, but Cornbread Hemp creates small batch CBD products with third-party test results on each batch available to view right on our website.

As one of Cornbread’s co-founders, Jim Higdon, said, “Tommy Chong was great in those old stoner movies with Cheech, but selling THC-free CBD oil with added ingredients and no lab reports just makes us sad.”

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