Staying up with anxiety induced insomnia or just smoke weed to sleep?


Some background, I’m 17F and lately I’ve been smoking a bowl in order to sleep. I’ve been struggling with anxiety induced insomnia as long as I can remember and it’s really hard for me to go to sleep unless I’m dead tired or I’m high because with the silence associated with falling asleep I end up having 10 trains of thought and all of those thoughts and voices make me too anxious to sleep.

I figure this would be an easy question to answer if I was 10 years older, but the big deal here is that I’m taking tests like the SAT and ACT to get into college soon and I’m looking into going to Cambridge so I don’t really want anything hindering my abilities to do the best I can academically. But, is it worth it to go through countless sleepless nights with the inability to sleep the whole night through, just to feel assured that my brain is working at it’s highest capabilities? I guess this all teters on the idea that smoking weed regularly lowers test scores and possibly IQ. I don’t drink and I don’t do any other drugs. I just want to know if I’m really putting myself at risk by self medicating in order to sleep.

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