Where To Buy CBD Oil

If you know which brand you are looking to purchase, some companies, like Cornbread Hemp, make it easy to find a brick-and-mortar location near you where their products are sold. Just go to their website and use their “retail locator.” Sometimes this page is titled “Where to buy CBD oil near me.” Usually all you need to do is enter your zip code and the site will generate a list, and maybe a map.

However, not all brands make it that easy to find a retail shopping location for their products. You may need to conduct the hunt yourself. Also, maybe you have no idea what brand you’re looking for and want to browse and seek the advice of an expert. In both of those cases, your best bet is to find a retailer that specializes in CBD oils and other CBD products. Sure, you can often find CBD oils at pharmacies, convenience stores, and even gas stations. But while these retailers are convenient, they also have a limited selection and likely no one behind the counter who can answer your questions.

If you’re looking for a store that specializes in CBD, just Google “CBD retailers near me” and look for an entry that is a retailer that focuses its sales on CBD products, like a CBD specialty boutique or a dispensary. There, not only will you find a large selection from varied companies, you’ll also likely find a salesperson who is knowledgeable about the products and is ready to answer your questions. They will also probably be able to provide you with access to third-party lab reports that will show you exactly what is in the products you’re looking to purchase.

Be wary of CBD retailers that only sell one brand of CBD product. The employees there are not likely to guide you to the best CBD product for you, but rather the best thing they can sell you from the same bucket of products. Only trust retailers that sell a variety of CBD oil brands that are well recognized, like Cornbread Hemp.

There may be no CBD-focused retailers near you. Many small businesses have been forced to close up shop because of all the problems that 2020 brought us. If there are no CBD-focused retailers near you, your next best choice is health food stores. They may have a more limited inventory, but their salespeople may have some knowledge of CBD oil products.

Pharmacies are also an option, with the same caveats mentioned above: smaller inventories, salespeople who may not be able to answer your questions. But it’s possible your friendly local pharmacist will have at least some information to share with you.

Lastly, you could go the convenience route—convenience stores, gas stations, truck stops, etc.—but we do not recommend this. At those retailers, you’re basically guaranteed to have a limited, often sketchy, inventory to select from and no one to answer your questions. You will likely be unable to find high quality CBD oils at places like this.

If “convenience” is your priority, the most convenient way of shopping for CBD oils and CBD products is online! The sky’s the limit when it comes to options. You can shop specific brands, like Cornbread Hemp, directly on the company’s website. Shopping online gives you access to product reviews and some companies offer full access to third-party lab test results that let you know exactly what’s in each product.

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