5 All-Natural Products That Will Improve Your Sleep – Tatler Hong Kong

In a project that ranked global cities for their sleeping environment, based on research about the leading causes for lack of sleep across 75 cities, London-based wellness company Alphagreen produced the 2020 City Sleep Index. On it, Hong Kong came in at No. 56, Kuala Lumpur at 63 and Singapore at 66.

The benefits of sleep are plenty— better skin and mood, weight loss, hormone balance, improved performance and focus—so if your 2021 goal is to improve your overall health, then we suggest you start by getting back into bed and getting acquainted with these wellness products. Whether it’s stress, congestion or the blinding city lights from your penthouse apartment keeping you awake (a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless), these all-natural remedies are on a mission to save your sleep.

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Source: https://hk.asiatatler.com/style/natural-products-to-improve-sleep

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