Looking for hemp flower infusion services

We are looking for services and pricing for infusing CBD flower with terps and d8 using at least a vacuum chamber – we aren’t looking for someone to spray the flower.

As a distribution company, we’re also always open to new products, etc.


What would be the infusion method you are searching for if not spraying the terps and D8? I do know someone terping hemp flower, but they spray it.

They want you to terp disty, freeze it, then hit it with a sledge hammer

Is there any other way? ;).

The issue with spraying is that it creates a really harsh smoke for the consumer and is relatively inconsistent. By infusing utilizing a vacuum chamber, you can more thoroughly distribute the distillate and terpene profile throughout the flower.

Yup on mars disty freezes at atmospheric temperature. All u gotta do is break up the disty over there then sprinkle it on the buds (really easy with the lower gravity over there). Once ur ready u can put it in space so “you can more thoroughly distribute the distillate and terpene profile throughout the flower.”
People used to do it on the moon but mars tek is better fasho.

I just dont understand how the vaccum chamber is supposed to spread it around more?

Removing whatever solvent they’re using to “infuse” those terp profiles

Not sure why there’s such an aversion to terping flower – it’s what our retailer customers are asking for. We have plenty of 2020 flower with solid terp profiles but for the d8 flower, we’ve been asked to enhance it further since we’re already applying an application.

You’re not sure why there’s an aversion to it? You can’t just coat flower in terpenes (that are likely derived from other sources) and expect it to be safe to smoke.

Add terps to distillate carts all you want but adding terps to things intended for combustion is a much more dangerous practice than people realize. It is a completely unnecessary risk that only hurts the end user.

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