Plain Naturals Launches Maximum Strength CBD Products

Plain Naturals has launched a line of maximum strength CBD products in line with new data supporting a need for higher potency CBD products

TALLMADGE, OH, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2021 / — Plain Naturals has launched a new line of maximum strength CBD products, hoping to change the way consumers are introduced to CBD products when they buy CBD online and in stores. The highest potency CBD oil is 5000mg strength. This contains 5000mg cannabidiol per 30ml or 1oz of oil. This means that a recommended dose of 1ml has over 150mg of CBD. In the last year, there have been many references in the industry and media to the lack of repeat customers many CBD brands experience. This is believed to be because most of the CBD brands are offering a product which is not strong enough to work for customers who are hoping to alleviate symptoms like chronic pain and depression/anxiety. So for many consumers, they may try a CBD product for a few weeks and then decide it just does not work for them. When in fact, many studies have shown that for many people, effective dosage for many ailments begins at 150mg per day and can be as high as 600mg per day. So Plain Naturals decided the best way to introduce consumers to the CBD market is with a product that is far more likely to work for them than those offered by other sellers. is the company website for consumer sales and they also have retail dealers across the United States. One potential reason for companies offering weaker CBD oils may be profit margin. The industry as a whole has accepted a “less is more” philosophy when it comes to cannabidiol potency because the thought has been that lower numbers are less likely to scare consumers and, frankly, that helps profits because less product equals less cost. Plain Naturals has taken a different approach. There are suppliers who sell CBD in strengths of 3000mg-5000mg and higher, but those products retail for as much as $250 per ounce. Plain Naturals 5000mg CBD Oil is priced at just $120 per ounce making it the lowest-priced CBD oil at this level of potency on the market in the USA. Ryan Murphy, Director of Marketing for Plain Brands LLC and Plain Naturals had this to say of the product launch, “We are very excited to be one of the first brands attacking this issue head-on. Product strength is CBD products has been the 800 pound gorilla in the room for a long time and we look forward to sharing some of our data on customer retention and reorders later in 2021.”

Plain Naturals also offers a variety of CBD Cream, salves, gummies and even a CBD Topical Pain Patch. All of these products are created with the same philosophy of “more is more”. They offer consumers the opportunity of testing the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol with dosages more in line with what is likely to be effective for most people based on clinical research. As FDA and other state regulations of the CBD industry come online and shift, Plain Naturals is committed to keeping their products at the forefront of responsibility in the regulatory environment. Their products undergo regular testing at an FDA certified laboratory and those results are published on the company website for consumers to access. Online reviews and customer testimonials frequently reference this as something important to CBD consumers when they buy CBD online from retailers and manufacturers.

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