What’s the Difference Between Marijuana Caviar and Marijuara Moon Rocks?

Essence Vegas Dark Green Weed Plant

Essence Vegas Dark Green Weed Plant

Marijuana caviar and marijuana moon rocks are relatively new to the cannabis scene, but they’ve quickly become popular among those who like their cannabis to pack a punch. Yet, though moon rocks and caviar are becoming more popular each year, we know that not everyone is familiar with what these products are, what makes them different from each other, or how you should use them. To help our readers understand all these things and more, below, we’re going over everything you need to know about marijuana caviar vs. marijuana moon rocks.

What are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

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Essence Vegas Women Laughing in Living Room

Marijuana moon rocks are high THC cannabis products that are made of three different cannabis products: bud, cannabis oil, and kief. To make a moon rock, you dip or spray a bud with cannabis oil, then roll it in or dust it with kief. The bud used to make moon rocks is usually from a high THC strain, while cannabis oil (also called hash oil or honey oil) and kief are both cannabis concentrates. Essentially, moon rocks are made of a trifecta of high THC cannabis products.

Looks-wise, moon rocks do resemble small, fuzzy moon rocks (though some say that they’re called moon rocks because they’ll take you to the moon, so to speak). Their appearance is also compared to balls of raw cookie dough, cocoa-dusted truffles, and even chicken nuggets. How “fuzzy” a moon rock looks can vary depending on how thick its layer of kief is, so it may look very fuzzy or it may look like a lightly dusted bud.

What is Marijuana Caviar?

Marijuana caviar is often the exact same thing as a marijuana moon rock: a THC heavy cannabis product made of bud, cannabis oil, and kief. So, in some instances, marijuana caviar is the exact same thing as a moon rock. However, marijuana caviar can also be slightly different from a moon rock because it doesn’t always feature that outer layer of kief. Some marijuana caviar is made of only a core bud and an outer coating of cannabis oil.

Marijuana caviar that does feature an outer layer of kief will look just like a moon rock (like a small, yellowish-green, fuzzy rock). Then, marijuana caviar that doesn’t have an outer layer of kief will like a bud that’s a bit wet, sticky, syrupy, and/or shiny.

The Difference Between Marijuana Caviar and Marijuana Moon Rocks

There’s very little difference between marijuana caviar and marijuana moon rocks. The only difference is that marijuana caviar may or may not have an outer layer of kief, while marijuana moon rocks always have an outer layer of kief. This means that marijuana moon rocks are always also marijuana caviar, but that marijuana caviar isn’t always marijuana moon rocks.

Why Do People Use Moon Rocks and Caviar?

A big part of the appeal of moon rocks and caviar is definitely their potency. There’s no standard THC content for moon rocks and caviar, but they’re often around 50% THC. Needless to say, these cannabis products have very high THC levels, so they’re attractive to those who love super strong cannabis.

Moon rocks and caviar also have a certain high end appeal. Cannabis caviar and moon rocks are considered more luxe products because they’re potent, they’re often made of very high quality flower and concentrates, and they can be quite pricey. Cannabis caviar actually gets its name from being called the “caviar” of cannabis. For those who want something that feels more high end and special, moon rocks and caviar are attractive options.

Another reason people like using moon rocks and caviar is their novelty factor. Experienced cannabis consumers may simply want to mix things up and try something new, which can make caviar very appealing.

How to Smoke Moonrock or Caviar

Moon rocks and caviar are both meant to be smoked. The best way to do that is to gently cut up your moon rock or piece of caviar, sprinkle some of it on top of a bed of flower, and then smoke it. We would generally recommend using glassware (like a glass pipe or bong) to smoke these products, but you can also roll a caviar joint as long as you mix your caviar in with ground flower. Some people use a dab rig or a vape for their moon rocks or caviar, but this wouldn’t be our top recommendation. The hybrid nature of these cannabis products, which contain both flower and concentrates, means that they aren’t optimal for either dabbing or vaping.

Note that mixing moon rocks or caviar with flower is important because it’s extremely challenging (if not impossible) to smoke these products alone. Moon rocks and caviar both contain high amounts of oil, so it’s virtually impossible to keep them lit on their own.

That covers the essential information you need about how to smoke moon rocks or caviar. But below are a few additional tips that can help you have the best possible caviar smoking experience.

Tips on Smoking Moon Rocks or Caviar Weed

  • Free Up the Rest of Your Day: Some cannabis can make you feel energized, creative, and ready to take on your day. That’s not the case for moon rocks and caviar. These ultra potent products are known to hit hard and cause couch lock, so make sure the rest of your day is free before using moon rocks or caviar.
  • Eat Before You Smoke: Super potent cannabis can sometimes cause nausea. To reduce your risk of getting nauseous, have something in your stomach before you smoke.
  • Get & Stay Hydrated: In the same way you should eat before smoking caviar, you should get hydrated before you smoke caviar. It’s also a good idea to have water in your vicinity when you smoke, since you may find yourself couch locked due to the strong effects of caviar and you don’t want to get dehydrated.
  • Consider Your Environment: Think about what type of environment you’re in before you smoke these super potent cannabis products. It’s best to be in a comfortable, safe, and positive environment when you smoke moon rocks or caviar. You may also want to make sure you have somewhere cozy to rest, since you could find yourself wanting to just sit or lay while you enjoy the caviar experience.
  • Go Low and Slow: Moon rocks and caviar are strong, so remember to go low and slow with your consumption. Smoke very small amounts and space out your intake in order to avoid overdoing it. A little bit of patience with your dosage can make all the difference when using these highly potent cannabis products.
  • Don’t Touch Your Caviar/Moon Rocks When They’re Hot: Unlike flower, caviar contains a lot of oil. When that oil is hot, it can seriously burn you. It can also stick to you, increasing your risk of getting seriously burned. Just be mindful of this so that you don’t accidentally dip your hand into hot oil when smoking your caviar.
  • Cut, Don’t Grind: Moon rocks and caviar shouldn’t be put in your grinder. If you try to grind these products, you’re going to lose a lot of valuable kief in your grinder. Instead of grinding your caviar or moon rocks, slice off a small section with a sharp knife, then gently place it on top of your ground flower with tweezers.

FAQ: Can You Eat a Moon Rock or Caviar?

Essence Vegas African American Couple Eating Pizza

Essence Vegas African American Couple Eating Pizza

Some people wonder if you can eat moon rocks or cannabis caviar. While the name “caviar” sounds gourmet, we don’t recommend eating moon rocks or caviar. These products are specifically intended to be smoked. They’re also meant to deliver a lot of THC– which they won’t if you just eat them. Raw cannabis contains little to no THC. Instead it contains a lot of THCA, a nonintoxicating cannabinoid that turns into THC when heated. So, if you just chew and swallow cannabis caviar, you’ll mostly be taking in THCA, which essentially defeats the point of these ultra high THC products.

Technically, you could decarboxylate caviar to activate its THC and CBD, then use your decarbed caviar to make edibles. But we just wouldn’t really recommend this. It’s not the best use of cannabis caviar, which is usually an expensive product made of very high quality cannabis flower and concentrates.

If you want to eat a moon rock or caviar because you want a high THC edible, know that there are great high dose edibles out there that contain plenty of pre-activated THC. If you’re looking for a high THC cannabis product that you can eat, let us know and we’d be happy to provide you with an edible recommendation.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Caviar and Marijuana Moon Rocks

This wraps up our guide to cannabis caviar and marijuana moon rocks. If you have any additional questions about these exceptionally potent cannabis products, please feel free to reach out and ask one of our knowledgeable employees for more information. You can get in touch with us by clicking here or by giving your local Essence Dispensary location a call during our business hours.

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