Medterra Adds Immune Boost Drops and Immune Boost Gummies to Bundle Pack

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Medterra CBD, the world’s most distinguished CBD company, has introduced their brand-new wellness and health Immune Boost Bundle, containing proven botanicals, wellness boosters, and adaptogens, blended with natural CBD formulations in the form of gummies and drops to effectively support healthy immune systems.

Medterra has always been committed to creating premium CBD, and its new bundle comes at an affordable price of $54.99. Manufactured following comprehensive medical advisory, first-hand research, and innovation, these products offer all-inclusive support to your immune system and helping fight and quickly recover from diseases. The natural ingredients used are proven to boost the immune system, and when blended with the brand’s compliant CBD, it offers quality support for mental and physical wellness.

Jay Hartenbach, Medterra’s CEO, says it’s their priority to help consumers maintain their immune healthy and strong all year, not just during the seasons of flu and cold. Its latest Immune Boost Bundle offers holistic and healthy ways for consumers to stay healthy and enjoy full wellness.

The Immune Boost Bundle is crafted per the industry’s latest purity and quality standards. Each of the gummies‘ ingredients is solely sourced, ensuring organic, high-quality, and non-GMO cultivation. Medterra is committed to offering premium supplements that keep consumers feeling energetic and healthier all day and night. The Immune Boost Bundle contains superb innovation and COA certification that aids in realizing that goal.

Medterra’s Immune Boost Bundle contains Immune Boost Gummies and Immune Boost Drops formulated to deliver round-clock immunity support.

The Immune Boost Drops are packed in a 30ml bottle and contain Medterra’s pure 750mg and all-natural CBD blended with adaptogens such as reishi mushroom and ashwagandha. It also contains botanicals, including Echinacea, elderberry, and ginger, all formulated to enhance the immune system’s performance.

Immune Boost Gummies contain 25mg CBD content in every gummy alongside Elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C. These three super potent immune-boosting ingredients are engineered to help the body fight against illnesses and quickly recover from illnesses.

Medterra is a worldwide brand with an expansively large product portfolio with its products selling in over 120,000 global distribution joints and over 23,000 retail U.S locations. The products are available in large and small businesses such as drugstore chains, industry-leading national grocery stores, and well-reputed internet-based stores.

About Medterra CBD, Inc.

Medterra is a leading global wellness brand that was officially launched in 2017. Brightfield Group recognized Medterra as the second biggest and most reputed U.S. CBD company. All the CBD, the company, uses is organically extracted from industrial-grade hemp safely grown following the guidelines set in place by the Pilot Research Program by the Kentucky Department of Hemp Pilot. The products are also third-party tested and confirmed to be effective, good quality, and safe.

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