New Organic CBD Balm by Cornbread Hemp Debuts with USDA Certification

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Cornbread Hemp has introduced a brand-new 500mg USDA organic CBD balm. This new CBD balm is manufactured using USDA organic ingredients such as full-spectrum hemp extracts, arnica, and peppermint and is perfect for relieving active adults’ joints and muscles.

Packing 500mg of CBD, Cornbread Hemp’s USDA CBD balm is safe and easy to apply. It provides refreshing sensations and a minty-pine scent, making it great smelling, and relaxing.

The balm contains Cornbread Hemp’s whole flower CBD oil, organic flower-only hemp extract, full-spectrum cannabinoids, and less than 0.3% THC. It also includes organic eucalyptus, arnica, and peppermint in a base recipe created of organic carnauba wax, shea butter, and jojoba oil.

Jim Higdon, the Chief Communications Officer at Cornbread Hemp, applauds the company’s milestone in creating this high-quality balm. Cornbread introduced its first-ever USDA organic CBD oil last year, and they are excited they’re releasing the first-ever USDA organic CBD topicals. The company has been at the forefront of creating USDA organic CBD products meeting their American customers’ needs.

The USDA organic seal gives consumers assurance that they are getting CBD products free of genetically modified seeds, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides. Cornbread Hemp’s USDA labels are confirmed to be candid, thanks to the extensive third-party certified audits conducted to confirm that every ingredient meets USDA’s National organic Programs standards.

Alongside the USDA organic certification, products by Cornbread Hemp are third-party lab tested, and the pertinent data is offered to clients before they buy the products. Cornbread Hemp also offers consumer-targeted educational content to help consumers understand CBD better.

Last year, Cornbread Hemp was featured in renowned online magazines and information websites such as Thrillist, Forbes, New York Magazine, The Daily Breast, and more. Best Reviews called Cornbread Hemp “Best of the Best,” while LA Weekly declared them a new standard for “clean CBD.”

Cornbread Hemp has plans to introduce new USDA organic CBD lotions and USDA organic CBD gummies before the end of this year.

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